Let Christ Change Your Perspective

I want to share a “fun thing” the Lord showed me tonight. It has everything to do with us being willing to change our perspective, or being open to having the Lord change our perspective. For He WILL. (smile)
Tonight such a change in perspective happened “in the natural” to reveal to me, and now to you, a spiritual application:
Being rather restless in bed tonight, I happened to glance at my clock and it happened to be EXACTLY 12:12. Interesting, I pondered, as I shifted my position. Yet, as I was adjusting my position, I caught the clock out of the corner of my eye, upside down as it were, and it read 21:21.
It was viewed at the SAME TIME from the SAME CLOCK and yet it read DIFFERENTLY.
Now…let’s SEE it, this way:
Perhaps you see a circumstance in your life “a certain way” – maybe your vision is “small” like the 12:12. But let’s suppose you shifted your “position” and took a look at it from a different “perspective”the one the LORD can give you suddenly
do you see how things might  be enhanced by allowing Him to change your “perspective”? How God could change your capacities, or your proportions, or your scope, or your dimension? God sees things differently than we do! And He can show us people or circumstance or finance “the way HE views it“.

I am encouraged, myself, to seek the Lord for His Viewpoint.

How about you? (smile)

Let us get into the Word of God and see how HE, The LORD, would have us VIEW things… He really IS ABLE, to change things!  So LOOK !

3 thoughts on “Let Christ Change Your Perspective

      • Thanks Susan – for passing it along, for this is truly the only way I have for it to go beyond my little mailing list! My blessings to you…and aren’t you glad we both know our Lord? (smile) We are so rich in blessings, girlfriend, because no matter what the future holds for us or this world, HE would be ENOUGH for us to possess, even if He was the only thing we could call “ours” in the end. AMEN?!

        Love you (smile)

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