Promises Promises

II Peter 1:3-4
God’s divine power
has given me, ____________(fill in your name)
for life and godliness
through my knowledge of Him
who called me, ______________(fill in your own name)
by His own glory and goodness.
Through these (his glory and goodness)
He has given me, ________________(fill in your own name)
so that through them (these promises)
I, ___________________(fill in your own name)
may participate in
and escape
the corruption in the world
caused by evil desires.

This is one of the very best scriptures in the bible, I THINK. (smile)
Never hopeless, though feeling helpless, we can KNOW that God’s power will be released through our knowing and believing His promises…and His Divine Nature will activate within us, giving us victory over our own evil desires and the corruption of the world.

MEMORIZE THIS ONE, my friends! And let it get you through the days ahead.

One thought on “Promises Promises

  1. VERY good thoughts, Beth. Dad had been tossing around the idea of preaching on the “promises of God” this week. But he found out that he had preached on it in 2009, so I’m not sure what he is speaking on now. It is put very well in the verses you quoted in your blog.
    Love, Mom

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