Just look at Him!

I wrote this song after realizing how much more wonderful my Christian walk was by looking at Christ, and away from my self.  It is called Reflecting Jesus.  As we gaze on him, we will most certainly be transformed.

Click on this link, and enjoy receiving this song’s message today! (minimize your player to view lyrics and follow along)


As I LOOK on HIS love,

I’ll love…

on HIS kindness,
I’ll be kind…

As I gaze upon His beauty,
then His beauty will be mine.

If I look on HIS trust in God,
Then my own faith will be made strong…

And I will have the SAME JOY given ME,
when resting in GOD’s care…

Indeed, Christ IS the answer,
to it all…

as I look to Him I am strong…

In Him is everything that I long for,

In Him, I cannot go wrong…

For in Him there is all I need.

And His love, it is MY own.

And so not matter what may come my way…



HE’s my stay.


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