IN CHRIST – What does THAT really mean?

What does it mean to be IN CHRIST?

(I am sure you have heard that phrase many times…)

Let me assure you, I cannot tell you in a blog entry… however…I have put together scriptures that have the exact phrase “In Christ” in them, so that you my study them via this “go at your own pace slideshow”… and may come to understand, as a Believer, your own identity IN CHRIST. 

Use the slideshow’s scriptures to mark the same passages in your own bible… to memorize the truths… and to strengthen your own personal identity IN HIM.  It will make for an interesting study and cause you to grow stronger in spiritual fortitude for the days ahead, as you realize who you are IN CHRIST.

Enjoy your study, and please pass the slide show or this blog’s url along to others you believe would benefit from the slide show. I have put a lot of work into it, so I pray it will bless many to have this “bible study aid”.

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