Faith’s Equation – No Inability in His Hands

If you are able, play this song link below while reading this blog – these are lyrics to a song I wrote.  This is an important message for someone today. Maybe that someone is YOU.


THE LESSON: It’s not about our ability or inability – it’s about putting it in the Lord’s hands…for In Him is NO INABILITY.

When God gives to me a task that

seems impossible to do,

Then I know He must be part

of the e-qua-tion.

I will give To Him what I HAVE

Then leave the rest to Him

He is faithful to put the rest

of the equa-tion in….

Will it be  +1 or will it be x10 ?

Will I trust Him? He may “times it” by 1000.

Will it be mul-ti-pli-ca-tion? or ad-di-tion?….

All I give to Him is what I HAVE

To begin with.

For its not MY ability, nor is it MY INability

But its GOD’S ABILITY that

completes faith’s equation.

To us, there is but THE CHOICE to give Him

what’s within “our” hands

There is NO IN-ABIL-ITY in our

Lord’s hands.

Take the boy who gave his lunch of the

five loaves and two fishes

He just gave Christ what he had

within his own hands,

Then the Lord blessed it and multiplied it

…for the mult-i-tude

ALL had plenty…and were filled…

With grat-i-tude

Take the woman and her sons who filled the

jars within their house

And in faith they gathered jars from all their


Their supply of oil was multiplied….

Their debt was paid in full…

Sons were free to be

who they were meant to be.

For it’s…

(Repeat Chorus)

FINAL CHORUS ENDING ** Last time only:

There is no inability, there is no inability, there is no inability in our Lord’s hands

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