One With God

One With God

The Word of God can be summed up in one simple revelation, God desires intimate fellowship with mankind.

The Book of Genesis begins with God creating man and of His visiting man in the garden of Eden.  It is man who chooses to separate himself from fellowshiping with God through disobedience. God extends the offer of renewed fellowship by means of a redeemer.   In the interval of time between  the promise and the coming of Christ, the promised Redeemer, God continues to establish communication with mankind.  It is interesting to note that God talked to man immediately after his fall.  And when Cain killed his brother, God again communicated with the sinner.

Sin does not end man’s ability to hear from the Lord.  It does limit our ability to fellowship with God.  The very act of salvation of the sinner requires one to hear from the Spirit of God.  Only the Spirit of God can bear witness to the heart of the hearer that Jesus is Lord.  For the “faith” necessary to believe “comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”.

If the sinner can and does hear from the Lord then the Believer, one who has accepted Jesus as Lord, should have very intimate contact with God the Father. He is made Righteous through the Blood of Jesus, and thus is Holy in the sight of God.

The cause of not entering into dialogue with the Father is lack of knowledge of what we are in Christ Jesus.  There can not be any other force that could inhibit fellowship with God, our Father, than the force of ignorance.

It is Not the matter of:

1)     Being good enough, because we come in the Name of Jesus, who has been made goodness for us. Jesus has been made righteousness for all of us.

2)    Having earned the right because no man can earn the right, for making one mistake makes you guilty of having broken all the  Laws of God.

3)   Having obtained a spiritual Maturity, no one obtains a spiritual maturity that entices God into fellowship.  Paul stated that he had not obtained such a spiritual maturity.  Yet it is obvious that Paul heard from God.

4) Having a special calling or God given position which requires you to hear from God so that you may fulfill that office.  We are all partakers of the covenant of faith which comes by hearing and being led by the Spirit of God. We all qualify to hear from God by the grace extended to us through Christ Jesus. God is not a respecter of persons, even though He may require some to walk in a position of greater responsibility than others. There are no “special saints”.

God has called Jesus the “First Born”of many children to be “Born Again” into the Family of God.  We are called to be led by His Spirit as He directs us ,as a father directs and instructs his children.

*This is an article shared, written by my deceased husband, David Stephens.

4 thoughts on “One With God

  1. Very beautiful. Am able to read from David’s articles after a real long time! Have you or someone else considered about compiling all the articples together, Beth?

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