Saul or David? Who will you be like?

This song was given me, to encourage believers to come into “maturity” in their faith, and it is especially directed at those who are in leadership positions.  Take a listen, and follow along with the words. Though my voice isn’t the greatest in it, the Holy Spirit is sure to speak to your heart.  Of course, if you haven’t read the stories of Saul or David from  I Samuel, this song won’t mean as much to you, so don’t hesitate to study these two men’s lives after hearing this song. I am sure google may even have comparison studies. (smile)

Click blue link to access the song itself without video. If you don’t have to time to listen to the song, then at least glance at the lyrics, which I’ve included below the link too. If you’d like to teach a small group and expound on this using your own bible study, feel free to cut and paste my lyrics as an outline.


We can be like Saul,

or we can be like David,

We live as kings, unto ourselves, or unto the Lord.

God can use us before and after our falls,

If we live, not unto ourselves, but unto the Lord.

Saul was a man who was seen as grand

In the eyes of the natural man

David, on the other hand, was invisible to man,

But was seen in the eyes of a supernatural God.

Saul and David both started with the favor of God

He Himself declared that they were “kings”.

They would rule and reign, make decisions for men,

But who recognized and obeyed the authority over “him”?

Saul or David?

Will you wait upon the Lord?

Saul or David?

Will you submit to the Spirit?

Saul or David?

Will you do it God’s Way or your own?

Saul or David?

Which is stronger?

Fear of God or Fear of Man?

Saul or David?

Is your heart longing for the praise of God?

Saul or David?

Or the praise of man?

Saul or David?

Is humility a desire over authority?

Saul or David?

A Repentant heart or a hardened heart?

Saul or David?

Both would reap what they had sown.

But David feared his God, he trusted in His words, He committed his future into God’s hands,

And his decisions were made for the praise of one… and the people didn’t dictate his decisions.

Both kings fell at one time into sin and condemnation,

But how they handled it,  was what we must learn.

Stubborn denial or a hardened heart leads to loss of our favor,

Repentance means restoration and second chances.

Saul or David?

Who will you be like?

Saul or David?

Saul or David?

Will you recognize and obey the authority over you?

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