Is Your Net WORKING?

LISTEN IN on a conversation between the Spirit of God and myself, Elizabeth Norland,

which began with His words to me, in the form of a question, “Is Your Net WORKING?”

Get alone, and allow yourself TIME – quiet time  – to SLOWLY LISTEN to our dialogue,

and to ponder even my thoughts between our words spoken, for they hold meaning too.

This is an end-time revelation that will indeed equip you for the days ahead.

Pray before beginning the read, that your own heart would hear what the Spirit of the Lord desires to communicate to YOU, personally. As you are blessed, please pass this along to those within you own NetWork! You’ll understand why that would be a good idea, after you read the dialogue. (smile)

Click the link below, which will take you to my Handmaiden Music website, and the article is at page center, for you to read, scrolling down).

I Love you,in Christ, and ask you to pray with me that this conversation will hold great impact upon the Body of Christ, and that my sharing of it would bear fruit in each reader’s individual life, for I want my own net working! and most of all I desires GOD’S NET WORKING!(smile)

Elizabeth Norland

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