When I look to Jesus, as Lord, as Healer, it’s like putting myself into the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). I will get healed up, be it emotionally, or spiritually, or physically… by giving focus where it needs be! ON MY LORD!

I SEE YOU, LORD! (smile)

So how do I SEE HIM?

In His Word….  I read each verse with the mindset that I want to SEE HIM, KNOW HIM, FIND SOMETHING MORE TO WORSHIP ABOUT HIM.

In His People…  I look at them with the mindset that each one can reveal something of my Lord in their lives, for He, Jesus, lives within His People.

In His Creation… I look at the marvelous, intricate design of the Master Designer, be it in weather, the beauty of mountains or seas, in animals, all that He has made including cells or nucleus-es, all with such purpose and precision.  I realize if God put so much thought in each of these things that he created FOR ME, He put that much more thought into making ME. I am important to Him.

In His Wisdom…  Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, yet if I do not SEE HIM, how can I then obtain this wisdom?  If I do not SEE HIM, then how can I FOLLOW HIM?  If I do not SEE HIM, then how can I  know what choices to make?

In Christian Music… Worship, it’s words and melodies, brings me to SEE HIM quickly and easily, for it bypasses all the filters of my mind, and enables God to communicate Spirit (He) to spirit (Me).

How to SEE?
Everywhere… Really…  I SEE YOU, LORD.

The key is to become God-CONSCIOUS.  Not self-conscious, or money-conscious. Do you know that those in an ICU, are neither of these? They are unusually ‘unconscious of self” and “money isn’t the issue! Getting well is!”  They are there to GET WELL AND HEALED UP!

I SEE YOU is as the ICU.



Make me aware of you throughout my day. Reveal yourself to me, that I may see you.  I will acknowledge your presence with me…in every moment of my day, through busy and slow times and the good and bad times.  And yes, Lord, I want to see you even more, to prepare my heart for your soon coming.



Just as being in an ICU of a hospital gives a person the best chance at survival, so putting yourself into the ICU, will improve your chance at survival through the days ahead.  A good way to prepare is to go into Psalm 91, and SEE HIM within that passage of scripture.

The world is an uncertain place, as is the future, but I SEE YOU, LORD!!  AND YOU HAVE IT ALL UNDER CONTROL! (smile)

Thanks for the ICU.

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