Christian American versus American Christian

Today seems a very appropriate time – ELECTION DAY – to share with you an article that my deceased husband wrote two years prior to his death. Yet, may his words LIVE ON, to give someone wisdom today and in the days ahead. I have cut/paste it in its entirety with no editing on my part.  

Christian American


American Christian     

David L. Stephens     Jan. 2007

I watched a U.S. senator, who had announced his Christianity and then addressing the Senate used the Bible to promote the acceptance of “Gays” in society.  I found it interesting to note, even though he acknowledged there are two sections of the Bible, one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament which condemn homosexuality, he concluded that Jesus had never mentioned the subject and His teaching on love overruled any condemnation.  I wondered, can a man think that his morality is higher than that of God’s?  Jesus preached love, yet He did not endorse sin of any kind, only forgiveness of sin for those that would repent.  He died so that our sins could be forgiven and that we might overcome the life of sin that controlled us.  He gave us the power to choose life and “sin no more”.   Homosexuality is still a sin and the penalty has not been rescinded.

The Blood of Jesus was not a means of licensing a lifestyle of sin free from penalty.

The church has no authority to rewrite the Scriptures and endorse homosexuality as an accepted life style.  It does clearly state that homosexuality is the result of a carnal mind and that a carnal mind cannot know God.  Yet in some denominations, ministers, who can not know God, have risen to the rank of bishop.  Why would Christians submit to a person with a reprobate mind, and one that is an abomination in God’s sight, as a minister of the Lord?  It is only where the Word of God is not accepted as authority, and therefore where Jesus, The Word, is not accepted as the Head of the Church.  If they are not a follower of Christ’s teachings, then they are not true Christians.

We had a former President that went to his pastor, a PHD’d minister within a Baptist denomination, that instructed him concerning abortion.  He said it was all right that the child could be killed in the womb, as it was not life until it was birthed.  Armed with this revelation, the President was now freed from the responsibility of protecting the unborn American child.  God recognized the personage of the unborn child, and called them by name in the womb.  The unborn child, John the Baptist, recognized the presence of the child, Jesus, in the womb of Mary.  If God recognizes the unborn as life, and declares it so, then any one who speaks to the contrary, must be supernaturally ignorant.  Christianity does not endorse abortion or any other form of murder.  Murder is sin and Satan is its author. There is not a Christian ministry or minister of Christianity apart from the Word of God.

We took the God and His Word out of the schools.  Apart from the Word there is no knowledge other than that discovered by man.  Science does not acknowledge God or morality.  We effectively removed the lessons of discerning of Good from Evil.  We have removed the knowledge of sin from society with the removal of the God’s Word.  With the acceptance of Gay Rights we have unleashed the destruction of the family and the doctrine of marriage.  Every time we compromise Biblical Standards we unleash evil destruction in our midst.  When we accepted the idea of banning Religious men’s influence in the government as the interpretation of “the government’s non interference with religious institutions” we allowed ourselves to be gagged and bound legally.  Now that our legal system has cast out God’s Law, in its place can only be godless law.   The law of the land is now murder for life, gay rights in place of morality, foolishness for wisdom, and fools replacing righteous judges.  Instead of peace and wisdom in the government, we have strife, and where there is strife there is every evil work.  We have a divided senate and a divided house, not “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”  How long can a divided nation stand?

We sing God Bless America and then we fail to honor Him with our lifestyles.  We point the finger at the ungodly in office as the fault, but we accepted their promises and supported their party instead of promoting the Word.   We pray in faith but fail to act in faith.  We have forgotten that faith without works is dead, and our nation is dying spiritually.  We have endorsed freedom of religion in the place of going out and preaching the Gospel to all men.  There is no freedom of any kind apart from the Word of God, only the bondage of evil.  We stand at the threshold of decision, the choice of having a Christian America or America without Christ.  There is no compromise between the Powers of Light and darkness.  To compromise is to separate oneself from God by choice.  If you put America before Christ, then you have made America an abomination without Christ.  “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in America as in Heaven.” is the prayer that needs to be sent towards Heaven.

When the Kingdom is sought first, then all the blessing will be added unto America.      


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