You are A PART. And God is “Building To Plan”.

The Spirit of God revealed something to me the other day, that I would like to share with you.

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle of a building supply store, like a Lowe’s or Home Depot, with me.

We walk up and down rows of lumber, trim boards, screws,  wires, door knobs, gates, and other builders supplies.

The parts, in the builders supply house, are just there.

Stored in groups. In bins.

Just waiting for a master builder… To come and select each item, each part, and choosing that part for his master design.

It is only when the builder is enabled to place each part where he wants it, as His house is being built, according to His design, that the parts can come together to then bring Him glory.

Some parts may never again be seen or known individually, nor will they be grouped any longer with like parts, for they are fitted together for the Masters use, now, with other, completely different parts.

What is seen, is as a glory to Him, and not a glory to any one particular part that He uses. Oh, some may be more visible to others, but still all are fitted together, and it is what is being built up that is seen by men. A Living House. His Habitation.

The parts, in and of themselves, are of value, yes…but not to their “potential”, until they are “done something with”…or used…by the master builder, in accordance to HIS plan.

Now let’s apply this spiritually.

Oh, my friends, it is not about us. It is about the design of God. His plan.

We wait upon the Lord, to take hold of us.

We make ourselves available to him, for Him to lay hold of. He draws from “his supply house”.

We walk not away, once we are placed in the Masters hand, for he Indeed has a plan of how to use us, or we would not have been chosen by him.

Allow him access. Let him show you, where you fit. Don’t try to show him.

You do not see things that would be, or how they should be. When he is able to see the end from the beginning, and what he is been putting together, doesn’t it make sense to cooperate with Him?  To let him LEAD?  to take others from us, and bring others to us in relationship, as He”fits us together”?

I know this is a simple devotional, but my prayer is that someone seeing this, will realize, they are “a part”….and they have a partThey do have value to the one building his home…made of US. And that God alone gets the glory in the end.

You can be the very best screw, the most conductive wire, or the straightest plank you can be, for His design to be a masterpiece, for the “cooperative and well-made parts may have the visibility, tis true”… Yet, let me assure you this: even if you are a loose screw, don’t get the communications clear on that wire, or are a bit crooked as a plank, the master-builder is the craftsman, and a master at his art, and is able to create a beautiful masterpiece taking all of this into account. He is able to keep that which has been committed onto him against that day. HE WILL USE US ALL! If we will allow ourselves to be used.

When all is completed, you will be fitted together and be for Him a praise and a glory!!

Amen? (Smile)

Be encouraged, the Master Builder is still building, and still looking for those “parts” who are willing to become part of his wonderful plan and design.

Continue to make yourself “available” and do not grow discouraged, if you are still feeling as if “in the bin”, waiting to be drawn out.  He has already “chosen you”. (smile)

Get excited now to see where you will be placed, and if already placed, then BE THE BEST AT BEING YOUR PART (your self using your spiritual gifts and talents), that you can be FOR HIS GLORY! Be the part you are. A final example given by the Spirit of God just now “tickled me”, making me laugh as I share. “A hammer is not the nail. Both are needed to build. One may feel hammered, one may feel he or she is always hammering.  But the Master Builder is DOING IT.” (smile)

And one FINAL question: Imagine yourself a a part, still on the shelf... (undecided of who you want to make yourself available to).   a Builder will eventually grab you to build something he has designed. Who will YOUR Master Builder be? God or Satan? And whose design plan will be be placed into? God’s or Satan’s?  Interesting to ponder, isn’t it.

Written by Elizabeth Norland, November 2012

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