Decisions Decisions


Life is full of decisions. One makes them every day, and much more often
than you may think. Actually you make a decision with every thought. You
decide to think on this and not to think on that, to entertain this thought
and to dismiss that thought. We are not aware of this choosing because most
thoughts have been dealt with before, and unless we change a decision we
automatically accept or reject the same thoughts as we did in the past.

There is a time in which the Word describes as “hardening our hearts”, a
time where a particular thought has been rejected enough times that you no
longer hear the thought when it is presented to you. This can be good in
the form of protection, or bad in that it can cause one to live in darkness.
Both results are the result of a decision that each person makes in his
life. Jesus was aware of this trait of man for He repeatedly said, “Let
him, who has ears to hear, hear.”

Paul talks about us becoming “transformed by the renewing of our mind by the
Word of God.” This means that we will change our way of thinking to
correspond to the truth revealed by the Word, and that many decisions we have
made in the past will have to be reviewed in light of these revelations. It
is amazing to the new believer how the Scriptures open up as his mind is
being renewed in the Word. The decisions that we made in the past, when
reviewed and changed, open one’s mind to see where he was limited and blinded
before. At first there is so much that we are willing to change, and in
changing we are enabled to see so much that we could not see before. Therefore,
we are full of joy.

As we grow, we come across decisions that we made that we are less
willing to change, because they are a part of our thinking and desires that we want to keep.
We will try to salvage these thoughts by trying to work the Word around
them. We will find others that agree with our desired creed of salvage and
justify our actions. Yet if we truly desire the Lord and His Will in our
lives we will eventually have to set these thoughts aside and replace them
with the Word.

It is only when we identify ourselves with Him that we can truly enter into
an intimate relationship with God. “If my Word abides in you, I and My
Father will come and indwell you.” Is not so much a promise to be obtained
but a living reality of the Word that abides in you. The greater amount of
Word within, the greater awareness of His and the Father’s presence within.
The greater awareness of His presence, the more intimate relationship you are
able to enjoy. There is place of intimacy of knowing His spiritual presence,
that one can forget to stay in the Word of God, but not for long… for with
Him comes a hunger for the Word.

Elizabeth Norland shares this article 2-8-13, written by deceased spouse, David L. Stephens, on 1-28-04.

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