Proverbs – A Study in Contrasts

Today is June 10, and I am reminded by the Holy Spirit of a delightful bible study that anyone can do…starting at Proverbs Chapter 10…and it is especially a great study for adolescents, and teens, and college students to do in the summer months….a chapter a day! Easy, and fun!

Proverbs, you see, is a study in contrasts: contrasting the righteous and wise man, who is obedient and hard-working… with the unrighteous, wicked, and foolish man, who is disobedient and slothful.

The World would like to give young people especially, the LIE that it is those who follow God who are just plain “foolish”…but The Word of God says just the opposite throughout Proverbs.  A fool is someone who disregards God’s leading to go his own way. Therefore, a study of what God has to say about these two contrasting lifestyles, is indeed the beginning of anyone’s wisdom.

Growing up, I heard the definition of wisdom as “Knowing the end results of our present actions”... and this is what this study reveals…in no uncertain terms…


Psalm 119:130 says, “The unfolding of your words GIVES LIGHT…It gives UNDERSTANDING to the simple.”

So, unfold the words of Proverbs for yourself… a chapter every day… through the book…  and gain wisdom for yourself.

Take a piece of paper, or a notebook set aside for this purpose is even better….and draw two columns.  Write on the top of one column, the category “Wise and Righteous and Good Man” and the other: “Foolish and Unrighteous and Wicked Man”.  Then as you view each verse of Proverbs, you will input what the Word says about each one.  At the end of your study through Proverbs you will SEE THE DIFFERENCE between lifestyles, and you will be able to decide and discern where your own life FITS into this charting, able to then make course corrections or dispel lies you have come to walk in.

Here is an example of my start at Proverbs 10. Note how I go verse by verse—across from each other… for complete parallel comparison… and I do a chapter at a time…


Just glance at my first page for a moment, but then go to your bible and do your own study. At the end of each day… look at your paper… and go DOWN THE COLUMNS to see the blessings and descriptors of the righteous versus the curses and results of walking in the way of the wicked.  Wow, makes it quite easy to decide what lifestyle most of us would desire to live.  Once truth is known, we can then adapt our lives to it.  The Spirit is within every believer to enable him to live in a righteous way.

I used the amplified version here, but any version will do for your study.  YOU WILL BECOME VERY WISE IN 3 WEEKS! Guaranteed by the Holy Spirit, who can’t wait to teach you Himself!

**If you miss seeing this on the 10th… no worries… you can do this study ANYTIME…and any chapter any day… I’m just starting you on the 10th so you can do a chapter a day through the month of June, starting at Proverbs 10!  Some of you may go far ahead too, for it really is interesting.

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