Warning-Alert: MCD – Manipulative Communication Deception

MCDThis is a post of a previous article I wrote in April 2005, about how The Enemy often uses prophetic words to deceive. They are to be authenticated, then received. Revisited for its application NOW, in this hour.

April 3, 2005     I had a very interesting morning as I sat at the feet of my now-deceased husband David, and he taught me saying:

I worked in “Intelligence” while in the US Army and we, and the enemy, used a tactic called MCD.  This was our mission. This stands for Manipulative Communication Deception.

M – Manipulate Truth  (take what you know to be true, manipulate it just enough to let the enemy think it may be true, and not “suspect” a lie, with the purpose of throwing them “off the right track”)

C – Communicate (you have to find some subtle way to get your enemy to receive this “manipulative truth”…bring it to them through some back door way…or let them eavesdrop, or just send a messenger to them that blatantly tells the lies to them. The best way to do this is to let the “messenger” believe he has the truth…that way he will really “give out” the message convincingly. The lie will be accepted, and acted upon.)

D – Deceive  (this is the end result of what we want to accomplish.)

Our target to deceive?                        Ans. Their Source of Intelligence.

(If we deceive their Intelligence Source we get the rest of their operation easily for their plans are based on their Intelligence Source.)

Then he asked me: “Who is “Source of Intelligence” in the Body of Christ?”  He proceeded to tell me it was the Office of the Prophet, or Prophecy as the gift, or simply people speaking as if they are speaking with the authority given by God; pastors, teachers, etc.

He added this:

The prophet is to hear directly from God and speak only WHAT and WHEN as instructed by God. Many, however, who walk in the gift of prophecy receive a “message” with error. MCD has occurred.  The Enemy has intervened, and False Intelligence has been transmitted.  This is why there is a multitude having received prophetic words which have almost destroyed their lives.  Prophecy as “Real Intelligence” is of such value, that it can’t be ignored or abandoned by the Body of Christ. Communications with God must continue.  Real Intelligence must get past enemy lines.

So how does one know whether a message they receive is from God and true, or is from the Enemy and is a lie?  The answer. What the intelligence agencies MUST DO: AUTHENTICATE!

As a rule, if what a person communicates to another is:

  1. Speculation
  2. Feelings
  3. A Belief
  4. Opinion



If you cannot say: “Thus saith the Lord”, then you have nothing to say.  If you are going to speak as from the Lord, then you must clearly, without any doubt, know that the Lord has spoken directly to you.

One of the greatest errors made by believers is to receive a minister’s OPINION as if it is Gospel!  Another is for a minister not to realize that his position gives his words a “connotated seal of approval from God”.

A true prophet or minister of God will say to himself, “Unless I KNOW it is FROM GOD then I DO NOT SPEAK IT FORTH.”

The rules that a Godly minister or would be prophet say, “Speak WHAT God tells you and Nothing Else”  And “Speak WHEN God tells you to and no other time”.

If it is a speculation, a feeling, a belief, or opinion it must be “authenticated” by going directly to God, (the written word and the Spirit in perfect agreement) and getting TRUTH firsthand.  Do not speak it (if you’re at the giving end) or receive it (if you’re at the receiving end) until God, himself, authenticates the message.

He gave me an example.  This is a fictitious name I use.  Let’s say Joe Ryan is in some major transition in his life.  He is under great tension. He knows change has to be made and is coming.  He needs to hear from God.

Now well-meaning people, want to:

  • Encourage
  • Help
  • Aid

And Joe Ryan is:                     Open to suggestions (he desires to hear from God)

In the middle of these is

  • GOD, Wanting to make His Will known
  • Satan with the MISSION to MCD

What happens is this:

People with all good intentions:

  • Cause Confusion
  • Aid in Error
  • Confirm a Lie
  • Mis-Direct


(they received and gave out a message without authenticating it! They speak it to Joe Ryan as if its truth, for they themselves don’t realize the difference between the False Intelligence and the Truth which is of God.)

I asked “Why can MCD happen? Both the receiver and giver not knowing the message has met with MCD?”

His reply?

Because though in their hearts they want to be a blessing, they are being led by

  1. Their mind
  2. Their belief in their heart
  3. Their desire to be used by God
  4. Feel they have a responsibility to help
  5. Feel obligated when asked for “a word” (even when they have not been given anything from God to give out. Altar ministry can be a specific place this MCD occurs, especially between the immature.)

My interjection, “Well, what if it HAS BEEN authenticated as truth. It is even the Word?”

My husband’s reply: God said in the Written Word:  “Those who are led by the Spirit are called the Sons of God… NOT those who speak the truth.

Many who speak the truth out, without being LED BY GOD to do so, are destroyed by Satan. Even the giving out of truth, authenticated intelligence, must be done as led by the Spirit of God, or Satan can intercept the message with MCD.  This is what happened with Job’s friends.  They saw circumstance, perceived their truth in their mind, it sounded like God, but it was mixed with MCD. It wasn’t TRUTH. It didn’t accomplish what they desired and meant to do. God sent the Real Intelligence, and Job went to God Himself for the authentication, which God gave.

Why am I sharing this teaching I received at my kitchen table?

In this hour we all are to be more alertmore determined to get our direction directly from the Lord himself, less apt to speak our words as if they are God’s, and less panicked when we don’t know what to do.  It’s better to WAIT ON GOD for a clear message, then to receive an unclear message for the sake of movement…to make our “tension” cease during transition, etc.  Be careful what books we read as truth, what advise we take as truth, what impressions/thoughts we have that aren’t of God but are MCD messages. Authenticate!  Authenticate! Authenticate!  Then when authenticated, receive and do the Will of God “wholeheartedly” without doubts and reservations! The Spirit will bear witness with our spirit. Then the true sons of God, those led by the Spirit of God, will arise!


May God bless you with this, as he has me.

I thank God for my previous husband David (*deceased), who, alongside my father, was one of the wisest men I ever knew!


PS   Feel free to pass this along to anyone you believe could be blessed by what I’ve been taught that day. I don’t believe this is just for me, but is indeed truth for this Hour.

One thought on “Warning-Alert: MCD – Manipulative Communication Deception

  1. This was awesome and so true! I have seen people’s faith destroyed by a wrong word or one given out of season. Thank you for sharing this!

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