Pleasures of God, best defined as pleasures FROM God, as I am referring to them here, outweigh ALL the pleasures of man.

Do we all realize this?

I say it again: Pleasures of God outweigh ALL the pleasures of man.

Have you, yourself, taken time to consider these “pleasures”?

Let’s speak of them:

Unfailing love –

Is one of the pleasures of God.

Peace even in a difficult time

Is one of the pleasures of God.

Belonging to His Family – “Acceptance

Is a pleasure of God.

Having “a source” to call upon in need

This is a pleasure of God.

Yet, to me, the greatest pleasure of them all

Is having A FRIEND to talk to.

It’s awesome to have Someone who knows me inside out

And cares and loves and heals –

THIS INDEED is a pleasure of God.

There are so many: healing of body, freeing of mind from torment, ability to love and forgive others, focus and direction, etc.

I’m sure you can name so many additional pleasures…in addition to these.

But the first pleasure to receive is that of Eternal Life. This “Life” is only found in Jesus Christ.

Read these three verses about Eternal Life, so you can know if you have received this “pleasure of God” as yours:

I John 5:11 :

“And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.”


John 3:36 He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on him.


John 17:3 And this IS life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

Finally so there is no question about Jesus being the ONLY WAY, 1 John 5:12 says: He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.


Thank you God, for these pleasures I have… through Christ,  Your Son…

Let me not take the pleasures you give to me for granted…. and may others come into knowing them and experiencing many more for themselves as they become “mindful” of these pleasures…they are “not as the world gives”…but only FROM YOU!

Receive my enjoyment in all that I have

For Joy, TOO, is a pleasure of God.


*written by Beth Ann Smith

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