Confrontation with Sinful Men – Is It Too Late? Or is it NOW to be Done?

courageA righteous man who stands up and against atrocity or sin in the camp will be hated and mockingly and angrily taunted with the words: “Now you want to play the judge!”

When evil is exposed, one is quoted only too well, the scripture back: “Judge not lest ye be Judged”,  but rarely is it used in the spirit of God, meaning the Holy Spirit isn’t giving them utterance of that scripture in response to a sincere Spirit-led warning concerning sin.  Rather a doctrine of demons has come in, and the Devil has twisted a scripture in the mouths of sinners as “a license” to DO evil, rather than as a means to resist temptation or sin, or to be reconciled to wonderful fellowship with God in Christ. Twisting God’s words has been his strategy since the beginning of time.

Judging one another from proud self-righteousness in a hateful haughty way is one thing, but standing up for righteousness and bringing reproof is another. Standing up for righteousness is placing a judgement on sin that is occurring, as in exposing a LIE that someone has bought into that will destroy their future, or confronting a HABIT that will cost someone their family or spouse, or someone’s WORKS that are of the darkness causing many others to stumble. Speaking the truth in love, even if in a confrontation of sin, is not Judging! It gives the person, company, church, or city, etc. a conscious “opportunity” to repent and turn, and keeps them from true judgment by God later on, for light “reveals” the darkness they’ve grown accustomed to.

Believers…friends… We must STAND and not let evil bulldoze us over! We must discern the depths of sins degradation around about us and guard our hearts, for out of them flow all the issues of life.

Anyway, I have personally had several encounters of recent date because I took a stand against some form of deception, some form of evil, that I was noting in those close to me who had once proclaimed Christ. Immediately the wickedness I had addressed resulted in an ugly attack which was turned upon me, as a person.  I was “whipped” as if I was in the wrong to have tried to prevent evil works from worsening, or lies becoming more embedded.

So severe were these attacks on my person, that it caused me to stop…pull back… to remove sin’s warnings I had given in writing, and wonder what I should have done. I questioned before the Lord whether mine had been a “proper response” to wickedness and love’s tug at my heart toward that person and another, due to their departing from the faith. My own heart being examined, and my mind being set to prayer on the matter.

Well…TODAY the Lord showed me something interesting.. And I want to share what He spoke to me in this regard, with you. For my prayer is that it will strengthen you in your own stand for God.

I want to take you to Genesis Chapter 19:1-11 which tells of exactly the same scenario as we have playing out in this hour… Evil men, not held back, becoming even more evil. This is the story of Lot facing the men of Sodom.sodom

I am going to focus you on Genesis 19 especially verses 9-10, where Lot goes out to TAKE A STAND… a Good and Evil Confrontation, you might say.

Lot basically said to the entire towns men, “Please don’t do this wickedness!” He was approaching in diplomacy, tact, whatever you want to call it, but he was still calling sin, sin…calling what they were doing “wickedness”. He was attempting to reason with them. So, too, we try to do this with disobedient wayward believers and unbelievers around us, don’t we.

Lot even went so far as to try to appease them, by instead of ridding them of their evil intent and behaviors, going about offering them a “lesser degree” of evil: “Here, take my two virgin daughters instead!” My land, how misled! Didn’t do any good at all, did it! Why? Because the intent of their hearts was to do the evil they set out to do, and by George, no one was going to stop them by reasoning or appeasing!

I believe we are being shown what does NOT work: giving an option of a lesser of two evils rather than repentance… Or trying to politely confront evil …or being so desperate as to cause violation to our own households to appease evil doers. (I won’t elaborate much on these things, but continue on with this…)

I believe God spoke to me today, that a righteous man, woman, or child who simply takes A STAND against sin in the camp (i.e. each of us in our little worlds of influence), will be responded to as the men of Sodom responded to Lot. That mankind is to that degree of hardness of heart, but that we still must take the stand we know in our hearts must be taken. Right at the same time spiritual maturity is coming to the Body of Christ, spiritual wickedness is coming to maturity in this world. We must pick a side, knowing that Greater is He who is in us, than he that is in the world. But when we do take a stand, we can expect this reaction:

Let’s see now what they, the men of Sodom, spoke in reaction to Lot’s stand:

They responded to Lot emotionally, verbally, and with action response. Genesis 19:9 says, they first said “Get out of our way!” Clearly they did not desire anyone to interfere with their intent to do evil.

Next they clearly attacked Lot’s “right” to say anything to them, by attacking him by saying, “You’re a foreigner!” Which interpreted in modern language is to say, “What right have you to tell us what to do!”

And finally, the same verbal response heard in the majority of our encounters these days:
“Now, you want to play the judge!” Yes, if you take a stand, you’ll be accused of judging…them. Rather than them acknowledging the truth that Lot was trying to prevent wickedness, and was standing up for righteousness which is a loving act toward them, their response was “Who do you think you are, judging us!”.  Ever hear that one??

And their action of response comes then…and their heart’s intent speaks in declaration: “We will treat you worse than them”!

In other words, they were now going to turn from that evil to doing Lot evil.

They then brought pressure on to Lot….as they moved forward to crush him.

In my recent experiences this was exactly what took place. The wickedness they were in the midst of, gave place to a “personal attack” upon me, just as I noted the men of Sodom did to Lot.

People can put pressure on you. People can then “gang up” to attack you, to crush you! These men did it to Lot physically! And it can happen to us… Spiritually and physically!


Believers! It is The Time to take Your Stand… Even if it looks like the whole city (school, workplace, home, company) is surrounding you… and you are totally alone!

For, Praise the Lord…that’s not the end of the story! In Genesis with Lot, or in modern day with us!

God’s Messengers, pulled Lot into the safety of his home, shut the door, and struck all the would-be attackers with blindness! God’s Messengers then told Lot that the outcry of the Lord against its people was so great that they were sent to destroy Sodom. But Lot, a righteous man who took a stand, was “taken out” before judgment came down. Actually Lot was saved for Abraham’s sake, but imagine… the whole city could have been spared if even 10 righteous men could have been found! If nine more of those men confronted would have repented..when confronted…imagine, the city spared. Wow…

We, my believing faithful friends in Christ, may find ourselves in life-threatening situations in the future… Standing up for Christ… Seeking first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness… So fear not taking a stand!  Be not alarmed as evil begets evil, for we are in a war of good and evil…but don’t be afraid to lovingly confront or simply to stand yourself….judge the evil, loving the sinner to repentance…. But if hearts become hardened, and minds deceived to the point where they will NOT LISTEN, and turn to rend you…Know that the Lord’s Messengers are still in “your house” with you… They will pull you into safety…They will “close the door” … They can deal with your enemies… And God will ultimately judge your enemies!  Our job is to love everyone to repentance, but light must manifest to expose the darkness, and this is something believers are failing to realize! Darkness can’t put out our light. But our light can put out the darkness, as in a light bulb turned on in a dark room!

Now, Note this, my final statement: God is showing us that a righteous man who stands up for Christ, and against atrocity or sin in the camp….in this hour… is going to be hated and called “a judge.” Yet, all believers are to judge whether something is wrong and an action is wrong, or something is a lie or deception to be exposed! Leaders must lovingly correct. We must reprove as a parent does his child! It is the child who then can either harden his heart and go after rebellion, or have his heart sorrowed and true repentance cause his behavior to change. Truth of God’s Word must be honored and obeyed. And Christ must be Lifted Up, that He may draw men unto himself! We set the example of being Christ’s, allowing the fruits of the spirit to be displayed to others, so our walk and our talk match.

Be bold IN YOUR LOVE! And note that the world’s definition of tolerance is not the same as God’s definition of love. The aim of our love is to have us all become mature in Christ, and prepare for the ultimate return and reign of Christ! Ephesians 4:15, “ But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.” Furthermore Ephesians 5:12-13 says: ” 11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. 12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. 13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

We don’t have authority over others, they have free will, but we can take authority over sin! We can attack sin! We are to reprove or correct or instruct, as led by the Spirit of God… addressing sin as sin…So that the light can bring “repentance” and God’s kindness, which leads many to repentance, may be experienced. It is love to warn. Exposure ought never to be feared, for then God’s kindness and favor may be experienced, rather than His Judgment.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are in a time right now when IF we do stand up for what’s right and declare what the word of God says about a particular subject, we are called judgmental… But it is holding back wickedness by the Spirit of Truth… For when the Spirit is taken away and lawlessness abounds, there will be no holding it back.

Those righteous who “blend into their environment by not standing, even if vexed in their spirit” will come to the position of Lot, where they themselves are in danger of judgment or in danger of life if they suddenly stand. God even promised, if ten were found righteous, he would not destroy the city, but ten were not found. This is the danger of “silence”. There may also come a time when for our own protection God may protect His Own, in their homes, behind shut doors, while angels watch over us, while judgement occurs on the evil ones around about them. We can trust, in the protection(s) of our God.

The safest place to be is IN HIM… whether abiding or taking our stand.

Please pass this article onto your friends, for I am praying that God will give all those who read this an empowering of His Spirit to TAKE A STAND and to be counted as FRIENDS OF CHRIST in a world that is fast becoming anti-Christ.


2 thoughts on “Confrontation with Sinful Men – Is It Too Late? Or is it NOW to be Done?

  1. Dear Beth, Thank you so very much for sharing such a beautiful article. We stand we become righteousness and it Him dwelling in us that makes us righteous. We are to stand for integrity, dignity and honesty. That is what I am doing right now these days; working for faith within the lives of people of Pakistan. Thank you so very much for being a blessing to me tonight and encouragement. Love Prayers and Blessings to you and all of yours!  Yours in Him, Sadaf Saddique Pakistan 

    • Thank you Sadaf. I know in Pakistan it is much more difficult as a believer than it is in the USA, and so my prayers are toward you and God’s people there. May you be strong, and of a good courage – be not afraid – for God is indeed with you all, just as Joshua 1:9 exhorts and promises. Love you, my son in Christ…

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