Bruised – for “Our Iniquities”

bruiseJuly 19. 2015

The last two days I have been in pain from multiple huge bruises which cover my entire body, as I took a torpedoing fall onto a five foot metal ladder with my whole body, when the pontoon I was standing on came to a sudden stop after going fast. You see, the long swim ladder was positioned between the two front seats and I didn’t even have time to brace myself or anything.  Talk about pain! Both legs are bruised in a striped pattern, and I am2015-07-21 09.15.06 even suffering bruises to my finger tops and feet bottoms…And, the back part of my arm muscles have torn leaving me the with inability to move my left arm down after raising it, and my right arm unable to hold even my coffee cup yesterday.

And yet, while recovering today, I was reminded of the scripture of Isaiah 53:5 which says: Christ was “bruised” for “our iniquities.”

I looked up bruised and the definition was “crushed inward which causes outward suffering” and thought, wow, I can now really imagine that suffering… And the intense pain!

It did not appear to be so bad, to others on the boat…this intense pain I was experiencing…for nothing was appearing outwardly right away.

I was hurting so bad inwardly, YET the bruising later was the after-effect of the being crushing inwardly. 

I, the one who received the bruising, was the only one who really could experience the pain associated with the bruising, and it definitely did eventually show in the outward manifestation of the bruises. In the same way, Jesus, our Lord, was the only one who experienced this intense pain inwardly which was displayed in bruises outwardly…during the redemptive process…but it was FOR US.

Thus, I want to encourage you all, to realize this truth: Iniquity is making excuse for known sin, and refusing to turn. Iniquity was what Adam displayed when he blamed Eve for his choice. Iniquity was Jonah running from his calling in the opposite direction, refusing to turn, until he was swallowed by the big fish, and came to his senses.

Iniquity is what you and I exhibit when we come under conviction of the Holy Spirit that something is sin, but we justify our behavior or actions, and refuse to turn. This then adds iniquity to our transgression and sin. Sin is the committing of the action, whereas iniquity is the attitude of resistance to the Lord. It is willful continuance in a known sin. Many so-called believers are actually practicing iniquity, but we don’t need to, for Christ was bruised to take it from us.

Christ Jesus was crushed inwardly and suffered outwardly, so when we turn, you and I can be free of iniquity, and our sins forgiven. It was “our resistance to him” that He was bruised to remove from us.

Although I suffered, it is so wonderful to know, from my little personal object lesson, that though we cant see it, bruising takes place, from being crushed within, and somehow, today, I wonder if Christ continues to be bruised by watching us make our excuses for sin. I personally am going to resolve to become more mindful and aware, that I need to agree with the Spirit when he faithfully convicts me of sin, and realize there is no fear to repentance, but rather a new beginning.

There is a sobering passage in Matthew 7:23 which says this: “And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.”  These are those who believe they are saved… and they say “Have we not prophesied in your name? and cast out demons? and performed wonders?”  But, Jesus says, I never knew you.

Why? Because they refused to repent of those things shown them by the Spirit, even while doing the works of the kingdom. This is why Jesus was bruised! To free us from iniquity… to have a close relationship with him… to REALLY “Know” Him.

He was bruised for our iniquity. What pain he bore….For you and I… So we can be free to love Him and receive His continued love toward us.

I guess I wouldn’t take back my fall, for I am more mindful now of my own iniquity, and the pain it caused, and may still cause the Lord.

I’m sharing this.. because… many believers don’t think about this aspect of our redemption. Nor how our excuses for sin had to be taken care of by Christ too.  He’s done everything, to free us from EVERYTHING!

So Please, let’s realize that He WAS BRUISED so that we need not make excuses and justify our sin. We are FREE to repent and turn, for Jesus has already suffered inwardly enough.

We will be received and forgiven when we own up to our sin, remove iniquity from our tents, and live for Christ.

Job 22:23 says, “If you return to the Almighty, you shall be built up, you shall put away iniquity far from your tents.”

He was bruised… so you and could put away iniquity.

Let’s do it!

Christ has already suffered FOR US!

He was Bruised, so we could put iniquity away.


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