The Call – My Book Notes

The CallYears ago I read two books by Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries, entitled “The Final Quest” and “The Call.”, the latter being the sequel to the former. With exception of the Holy Bible, these two books impacted my Walk with the Lord the most! And so when I found my tablets that contained my notes from reading these two books back around 1998, I decided to type them up and share them with those who read my blog. They may give you enough morsels of truth to really impact your own walk with Christ, or at least give you the hunger to pick up one of these books to read for yourself in their entirety. I think they are becoming more relevant as the Coming of the Lord approaches. So please, PLEASE, skim through them in your quiet time. You can print this blog with the print button at the bottom and it will only print this particular blog article. (If you print with the browser buttom, it may just print out the whole blog, and you don’t want that!) (smile)

These, as I say, are just my notes, but they may be exactly as was in the book too. These are simply the lines that the Spirit highlighted to ME. If you get the book, the Spirit may highlight totally different areas, but this will give you a taste, at least of the truth shared:


Chapter 1

Page 29

The Holy Spirit was sent to convict you of sin, to lead you to truth, and to testify of me. He is with you continually.

Page 30

He will always lead them to the truth that sets them free.

I am about to reveal myself to the world as the righteous judge. First I must reveal my judgment to my own household. I am the judge but it is better for you to judge yourself so that I will not have to judge you.

Page 31

Rick began to feel small and insignificant and God’s glory…. You began to look at yourself and confusion made it harder to hear me. you must learn to abide in my presence without becoming self-conscious or self-absorbed, this causes man to turn to the deception of your fallen nature.

The time for falling is over… you must learn to stand in the Holy Spirit’s presence.. if you cannot stand when my spirit moves, he cannot use you.

Page 32

You must learn to abide in my presence without looking at yourself he must not look at your inadequacy, but look at my adequacy. you must stop looking at your own unworthiness,  and look to my righteousness. when you are used,  it is because of who I am, not who you are.

As Moses, this only reveals you were looking to yourself, more than to me, which is the main reason why I am able to use so few of my people for what I desire to do. this is false humility and actually a form of pride.

You can never make yourself into who you should be, but you must trust me to make you into who you should be.

Page 34 (ricks words)

I had to abide in the Holy Spirit and allow him to use me… this was my call.

Page 38 ditches

Your own way will never lead you out. I am the only way out when you fall, do not waste your time trying to figure everything out, for you always sink deeper in the Mire.. Just ask for help. I am your shepherd and I will always help you when you call on me..

Deception that comes from seeing the world from your perspective leads to depression. Truth comes from seeing the world from (through) my eyes,  from where I sit at the right hand of the father.

Age 39

When you dwell in my presence you will not see anything but glory.

Ricks words: “I Took my eyes off you.”

Page 42

Lot’s words, “I was silent and many perished. You must not be like me, you must not be silent. Being different is not enough! The power of the Holy Spirit to convict of sin is released by the spoken word.

Arise, speak out God’s judgments!

Page 43

Words must be spoken for God to anoint the… judgment begins in his own house.

Page 45

Jonah speaking, ” when you understand the Lord’s judgments, you understand his ways.

When you draw close to him with hidden sin in your heart it will drive you to insanity, as many have learned through the ages.

Page 46

Even so he is a holy God, and if you will walk closely with him you too, must be holy. The closer that you get to him the more deadly hidden sin can be.

You can come boldly to the throne of grace at any time, and for any need,  but rarely do you come.

You are always as close to him as you want to be.

Page 46, 47

In the times that you will soon enter, they will depart from his ways, because they did not come To Him.

Page 47

The church has run to Tarshish,  desiring to trade with the world, even more then sitting before his glorious throne.

Will be “cast overboard”….the world won’t let you keep going in the way you are headed. this is the grace of God to you. he will then discipline you,  with a great beast that comes up out of the sea! it will swallow you for a time… that you’ll be vomited out… then you will preach his message.

If you a wake yourself up, repent, and go the way that he sends you,  you will not be swallowed by the beast.

The church is running from the presence of the Lord. It is running to activity in place of seeking God’s presence.

Page 49

The greater treasures, the treasures of heaven, few are seeking.

You must turn to the Lord instead of away from him!  he can untangle any mess, and he can bring up you up from the greatest depths. run from him no longer, run to him!

When you fall short of the Lord’s grace and sin entangles you, it’s hard for you to come to him, but you must learn to run to the Lord at such times, not away from him!

Page 50

You will not walk in his ways without coming to him daily. You must not only seek his presence but you must abide in his presence continually

Those who try to do his work without him will fall away.

Page 51

God does not exist for the sake of his house. His house exists for him.

Presumption pride different than Faith. Do not be proud because of your visions. This will always lead to a fall.

Page 52

The power of Jonah’s preaching is a sign…when he awakened and was vomited out of the beast, he had this power.

Page 53

Every day that I delayed my judgment is mercy. See it as that and use it wisely.

Page 54

One characteristic that is common to the over comers in every age, they did not waste their time!

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of my throne

Page 55

Many of my people still love sin. Those who love sin and their own comfort and prosperity more than me, will soon know my severity. these will not stand in the days that are coming.

Greatest distraction is prosperity!

You must learn to trust me as much in prosperity as when you were in poverty.

Page 56

Those who prosper by me do not compromise truth in order to prosper.

Page 59

Reality is wherever I am. Apart from me there is no life and there is no truth. There is no truth or reality apart from me.

Page 60

Learn not to just look for me, but look at me.

Those who come to me, obey me because they love me, and love the truth.

Page 61

They want to be with me so much that even when it all seems unreal, even when I seem like a big dream to them, they will risk all for the hope that the dream is real. That is love. That is the love of the truth. That is the Faith that pleases my father.

Obedience in the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…. obedience in the love for God, is fullness of wisdom.

Page 62

Judgment for those who call upon my name but do not seek me, it will be that they will increasingly fall out of timing with me. They will be at the wrong place, doing the wrong things, and even preaching the wrong message. They will try to reap when it is time to sow, and sow when it’s time to reap. Because of this, they will bear no fruit.

Page 63


I Am -“come to me every day”- you cannot know me as I am, unless you abide in me.

If you do not stay close to me, you will lose the life that is in you. I am the light!… if you do not stay close to me, your heart will grow dark.

Page 64

Because man was made in my image, his mind and heart can never agree apart from me. When your heart and your mind agree, I will be able to trust you with my authority.

You must hear my messengers and obey their words that are from me without delay for the time is now short.

Page 65

The time is come when I will no longer tolerate those who say they believe me, but they do not obey me. The lukewarm are about to be removed from among my people. Those who do not obey me do not really believe in me. By their lives, they teach my people that disobedience is acceptable.

My people cannot continue to call on me to deliver them from their troubles when they still love sin. I will give a little more time to judge yourself, so that I will not have to judge you, but that time is short.

Page 66

Choose life by obeying me. If you are choosing me, and the light that is in you is my true like, it will grow brighter every day. The seed that was planted in good soil always grows and multiplies. You’ll be known by your fruit.

Page 71

Anointing, for true unity, your message will live on if you trust in the life that you have in God more than you trust in the life that you have on earth.

Page 73

When evil reigns, death is stronger than life, and death prevails over life. When righteousness reigns, life prevails, and life is stronger than death.

The life of the son of God will swallow up death that was released through my disobedience… it is not just living that you must love, but life… death is your enemy!  you’re called to be a Messenger of life.

When The Lords people begin to love, he will use them to release his judgments.

Page 74

Peace will be taken from the earth, but you are called to help restore it. Peace prevails in heaven, and you’re called to bring heaven to earth. Those who abide in his presence will know peace and will spread peace.

Page 75

Even the creation will recognize him and his people and will obey them as it does him.

When his authority is used in righteousness it will release life. Be careful how you use authority. With authority comes responsibility. You too can use it wrongly, but you will not do this if you love. As all of Heaven knows, love never fails.

Everything that is sown must be reaped, unless those have sown evil call upon the cross in spirit and truth. The army of the cross is about to be released, and it will march in the power of the cross, carrying mercy to all. Those who have rejected the mercy of God have rejected life.

Page 84

This is my commandment to you: love me and love your neighbor. Only then will your witness be true. Even when I command you to speak of my judgments it must be done in love.

Page 85

I will restore all things, and all evil will be overcome with Good.

Apostles – John the Baptists – will have one devotion: to see my bride made ready for me!

98 to 100

Vision of prison yard and divisions

To remember, you have the wisdom to escape any trap or wisdom… only remember,  fear can blind you!

Page 100

As you walk in the faith that I am with you, you will always see the way to go.

Vision is what the guards fear the most. Only reveal your vision to those to whom I lead you.




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