The Final Quest – My Book Notes

Years ago I read two books by Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries, entitled “The Final Quest” and “The Call.”, the latter being the sequel to the former. With exception of the Holy Bible, these two books impacted my Walk with the Lord the most! And so when I found my tablets that contained my notes from reading these two books back around 1998, I decided to type them up and share them with those who read my blog. They may give you enough morsels of truth to really impact your own walk with Christ, or at least give you the hunger to pick up one of these books to read for yourself in their entirety. I think they are becoming more relevant as the Coming of the Lord approaches. So please, PLEASE, skim through them in your quiet time. You can print this blog with the print button at the bottom and it will only print this particular blog article. (If you print with the browser buttom, it may just print out the whole blog, and you don’t want that!) (smile)

These, as I say, are just my notes, but they may be exactly as was in the book too:


Only if you keep your own soul pure can you impact the world for the truly lasting eternal purposes of God.

True reformation only comes from union with the Saviour. When you are yoked with Christ, carrying the burdens that He gives you, He will be with you, and carry them for you.

You can only do his work when you are doing it with him, not just for him.

If you do not live what you preach to others, you disqualify yourself from the high calling of God.

What will keep you on the path: LOVE THE SAVIOR AND SEEK HIS GLORY ALONE.

Everything that you do out of true love for the Savior, to glorify His name, will extend the limits of his eternal kingdom and will ultimately result in a much higher place for yourself. Live for what is recorded here (heaven). Care nothing for what is recorded on earth.

Everything that you do to exalt yourself will one day bring you the most humiliation.

“Truth spoken in Pure Love, will always attract.”

Worst judgement of all – Judgment of the Stumbling Blocks.

Grace and Truth – Never one without the other.

Never seek influence for yourself, but only seek the Lord and be willing to take His yoke.

Study to show yourself approved TO GOD – not man.

Those who prevailed all did it the same way – they did not deviate from the first and greatest commandment–loving the Lord. By this their service is done unto Him, not to men, not even for spiritual men.

We have been given opportunity to run for the greatest prize in heaven or earth –“On the thrones near Jesus.”

Thrones require 1) wear mantle of humility 2) will have Jesus’ likeness

You’ll have my likeness when you come to fully abide in me.

I left 99 for the 1; you will not leave the 1 for the 99.

Quest: Bring joy to heaven, Jesus, and the Father by saving the lost and focusing them upon eternity.

Jesus IS the communication of God to creation.

Judgment Seat Experience – Rick said that it was so he could know where he was. “It was all to bring me out of hiding–to bring me out of darkness into the light.”

Walking in the Light – is being true, and it is being free from the compulsion to hide.

Lord said, “The freedom of My Presence is greater than knowing truth.”

Lord said, “When I judge, I am not seeking to condemn, or to justify, but to bring forth righteousness.”

“Righteousness only found in union with me.”

“I will now raise up judges from my people who know my judgment.” Joshua – Neither for him nor for his enemies.

Lord said, “I never come to take sides. I come to take over!”

Church – is about to enter Promised Land. Jesus is about to appear as the Captain of the Hosts.

You must see my justice to work in my authority because righteousness and justice are the foundation of My throne.

At this time even my greatest leaders are seldom in harmony with me. Many are doing good works, but very few are doing what: I have called them to do. This is the result of divisions among you. I am not coming to take sides with any one group, but I am calling for those who will come over to My Side.

To be giving a “knowing all about everyone”, must have knowledge (mind of Christ) and My heart. Fully abiding is what is needed to have these.

Lord said:


When you know my heart, then the eyes of your heart will open. You will see as I see and you will do as I do.

Know the level of your present deception (anything you do not understand that I do, says the Lord). Knowing this level brings humility. And grace is given to the humble.

You must be “struck blind” so that “you can see by my Spirit”.

Paul said, “I fell short of all I was called to do. I had been given so much to understand, and I walked so little in it.”


Paul said, “Error of the church is that PAUL IS NOT TO BE OUR EXAMPLE, JESUS IS TO BE.” Paul’s ministry can’t give firm foundation to the church, only Jesus’s can.

Paul said, “The greatest wisdom–the greatest, most-powerful truths are JESUS’S WORDS not mine”.

Paul’s Spoken Message: ONCE IN HEAVEN, I can neither add nor take away from what we planted in the earth, NOW is the time of opportunity for you. MANY will soon walk the earth who will do greater works than we did. The First shall be Last, the Last shall be First.

Jesus said, “I am asking you to abide in me. You cannot continue to measure yourself by others, even Paul. You will always fall short of the one you look to, BUT if you are looking to me, you will go far beyond what you would have otherwise accomplished.”

Jesus said, “Receive your bread directly from me – then the eyes of your heart will be open.”

Jesus said, “Your reasoning–leads into direct conflict with
truth. It will lead you to do exactly contrary to my will.”

Jesus said, “If you do not take up your cross every day, putting all that you are, and all that you have, before it–you will fall–because of the authority and power I give you. Until you learn to do all things for the sake of the gospel, the more influence that you have, the greater danger that you will be in.”

Jesus said, “Greatest deception is that those to whom a little of the supernatural is given begin to think their ways are My Ways and that everything they think is what I think.”

Jesus said, “You think like me when in perfect union. Even for the most anointed, union has only been partial and for brief periods of time.”

I called you to walk by faith because I am faithful. That is why you will be judged because of the careless words that you speak. To be careless is to care less.

Words have power. Those CARELESS WITH WORDS cannot be trusted with the power of My Word. It is WISDOM to be careful with your words, and to keep them as I do.

To be entrusted with My words is to be entrusted with the power by which the universe is held together. Know the seriousness and power of that to which you’ve been entrusted–the word of God.

IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS, remember the importance of 0ne Word from God to man is of more value than all the treasures on earth.  You must understand and teach my brethren to respect the value of my word. As those who are called to carry My words, you must also respect the value of your own words. Those who carry the truth MUST BE TRUE.

If you ever start to think that the power is MY endorsing YOU, or even your message – You will open the door to delusion. The Holy Spirit is given to testify ONLY OF ME. If you are wise, like Paul, you will learn to glory more in your weaknesses than in your strengths.

YOU CAN STILL FALL IF YOU TURN FROM ME TO LOOK BACK AT YOULSELF. Satan made this error. If you begin to think that it is because of your wisdom, your righteousness, or even your devotion to pure doctrine, YOU WILL STUMBLE.

Remember: False Humility – Pride …….  THESE ARE ENEMIES.

False humility won’t cast out Pride! Both are forms of self-centeredness, which the enemy HAS A RIGHT to exploit. Only way out is to WALK IN LOVE. Love does not seek its own.

Love will be given us. To know the Father’s love for Jesus…so we can do the works he did. The works you will be given to do will glorify me. I will know Father’s love for Jesus will manifest in me so Jesus can be glorified. This will make rather happy.

Jesus prayed before crucifixion, not only love to be given, but the “THE GLORY I had with him in the beginning would be with my people” so UNITY WILL RESULT.

As you come together with others who love me, my glory will be magnified. The more it is magnified, the more the world will know I was sent by my Father.

The World will know my disciples because you will love me and you will love each other.

EVERY TIME you see me with the eyes of your heart you mind is renewed a little bit more. One day you will be able to abide in My Presence continually. When you do that, all that you have learned by My Spirit will be readily available to you, and I will be available to you.




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