I Am The Daughter! (A Parable for Christian Women)


The man is the Sovereign King over the whole earth. He has many subjects under his authority, and they are expected to obey his every command without question.

He is awesome in his power.

But you know, the man is also a “Daddy”. He has a little girl who he refers to as the “apple of his eye”. She goes into his presence and plays while he is conducting the affairs of the government which is upon his shoulders. Once in a while she’ll come up to him and ask him a question, and he will interrupt what he is doing to answer her as gently and clearly as he can so she can understand. As he goes back to his work he is ever mindful of her near him, looking to make sure she is not in danger or in need of anything. Once in a while he has to tell her to “watch out” or “don’t do that”. She asks “Why Daddy?” and he tells her why and it’s because he loves her. Oh yes, she is sometimes naughty and needs to be corrected. But his discipline is a sternness that doesn’t even have to be too severe, for just a look of displeasure from her daddy crushes her and she knows in her heart she never wants her daddy against her even for a brief moment. This is so different from his other subjects because they obey not out of love as a girl for her father, but they obey simply because of the consequences of disobedience. Therefore, the King has to punish them severely, for this is the degree it will take to deter them from their own will to his. Oh yes…what grace and loving kindness the King has for his daughter! Though proud of her daddy, she is not proud in herself. She simply enjoys her daddy’s presence and begins watching him at work. Perfect love has cast out all fear in her little heart.

As the little girl matures, she walks in the revelation of love she has received from her daddy, but now she is getting glimpses of just who her dad is: He’s the King! She begins to notice his awesome authority over all the affairs of man, she begins to see his great wisdom in all things, she begins to see his sovereignty and his justice. She begins to delight in these things as she sees his mighty judgments go forth over the whole earth. She begins to note his strength and power. And you know what, she begins to GLORY IN HER FATHER! She begins to praise him when she’s with him for these new things she’s discovered. She says, “Boy, Dad, that was amazing how you changed that man’s life by giving him that advise! How did you know that’s just what he needed?” And her “little girl discoveries” cause her to have such joy she thought not possible. She had known her father as the daddy who kissed her boo boos, played with her, provided for her every need, and tucked her in at night. In other words, she had known and loved him for what he could do for her. Now she was knowing and loving him for WHO HE WAS! She began to see his control not only over her and her brothers and sisters, but over the whole earth. He commands and it’s done, he pronounces a judgment and it is carried out, he gives pardon and no one can judge. She notes that he rewards his faithful ones, he fights and conquers his enemies, he was perfect in everything that he does. She realizes it is his great love that dictates everything his authority carries out. Wow! I think this is what she gloried in the most! She knew his great love and his heart first (this was her foundation) and so now as she was discovering his power, strength, and
sovereignty it did not cause rebellion or fear. Rather, it brought a clearer picture of the many attributes her father possessed, making it all the more easy for her to trust him fully. Oh how she GLORIED IN HER FATHER!

Then one day, Father came to her and said to his daughter, “I’d like for you to go out into my kingdom and do some of my work for me using my authority.” She didn’t have a lot of confidence in herself to be sure, but she knew the great authority of her father and didn’t question his wisdom or right to ask her to do this for him. Father gave her his ring (signifying her right to make decisions in his name; authority was given), his robe (to walk in his righteousness not hers), and sandals (to let others know she was a family member, not a slave). He gave her his instructions, which he trusted her to follow because he knew her love and devotion to him. Oh yes, he knew her heart, her motives, everything! He wanted to use his little girl for he knew she could accomplish particular missions for him that his sons could not. He gave her the assignment to reach hurting people, for he had put into her heart a passion for souls and a desire to heal broken lives so that they could be reconciled to their King without fear. His enemy had played a number on these broken ones. They blamed the King for many of the problems. He wondered if they would accept his daughter.

Because he knew the danger he was putting her into, he dispatched “bodyguards” from the palace to follow her and keep vigil over her. Oh yes, most of the time she was very mindful of this protection, but on occasion they would watch from afar and so she sometimes forgot their presence. She always knew her Father’s heart was with her though. Oh how she loved him. She wanted to do just what he told her to do! She wanted to please him in all things…in private or in public. She was pure of heart. He knew she was ready, for he had tested her in many things prior to sending her on this great mission. She learned from her mistakes, confessed her wrong doing sometimes without even any discipline, and she walked humbly before her father. Never did she mistake who HE WAS and who SHE WAS. There was no comparison! Her only dream was to make him happy and maybe begin to display some of his attributes in her own life for she liked what she saw!

Her Father, the King, was proud of her accomplishments, protected her from harm, and was there for her to come home to whenever she became discouraged or even injured by her enemy. She’ll always be “His Little Girl” who can get a hug and embrace when she needs it. She’ll always be “His Little Girl” when she is distraught over the enemy making headway and he assures her of his sovereignty and power to take things in hand. But she is being forced to grow up into the things he wants for her to walk in. He wants her to carry his authority! You see the main problem she’s coming up with is the fact that the enemy does recognize her authority and attacks, but the people she is going to, to help, still don’t see her authority, so they aren’t listening to the King’s instructions given through her to them. She is frustrated by this, therefore is tempted to quit her work and just stay in the palace with her Father and let the enemy have his way. Of course, she is convicted in her heart of her love being so much less than her Father’s love for these people. She also knows quitting would cause her Father to be disappointed in her.

She decides to go boldly to her Father about it, and lay it all out before him…everything!:
“Father, I must have really fouled up. The people aren’t accepting the authority I have in you, and so they are not heeding YOUR WORD to them. They attack me along with the enemy, and I am so grieved… not for myself, but for the fact that you are unable to bring freedom to them unless they heed YOUR WORD of instruction. Oh Father, I now appeal to you as King! I am your ambassador and I ask for a mighty judgment to go with me that they see YOU, and that I do indeed carry out Your instructions, not my own. I’ve even tried living among them so that they could see that I bear your resemblance. At their insistence, I’ve tried to change my tactics, delivery, etc, but still they do not listen. I will come to you to intercede for them cause I know that you are able to bring reconciliation and truth. Please Father, what will you do?… not to vindicate me although that is a heart’s desire of mine…but to get them to listen TO YOU?

The Father responds to his daughter by saying that he has not only sent her, but other sons and daughters as well, to speak to the people. “Daughter, you may not realize it, but there are some who really do want my freedom and truth, and they ARE listening, so do not give up on this, your assignment. They will come to truth, and I will unite them against their enemies.”

“It is not because you are a women, for they have rebelled against your brothers that are telling them the same word from me too. Their rebellion is against My authority, and the result of their enemy’s oppression over them. You see, they are ravaged and know not my voice. But I see and love them still, and I will strengthen you my Daughter. Do not give up on this mission, my will for you right now.”

His unfailing love and forgiving heart over her “failure” is always assured. Even if she “fouls up” or “losses faith in herself’. You see, He, the Sovereign King, is not threatened in the least by her failure. He can step in at any time and take matters into his own hands! And HE KNOWS IT! Therefore he is loving and patient with his sons and daughters as they do his work. He delights in his daughter, especially when she stands tall and in pride says, “This is what my Father says.”

The people watch her go back and forth to the palace and have even heard her converse with her father when he has come near, but they are angry toward her and attack her of pride. They choose not to see that she is pleading for their reconciliation and desiring only to stay in intimate fellowship with her Dad. She knows she is nothing apart from him.
Although she is just learning how to represent her Father, she knows him intimately and therefore knows his heart on a lot of issues. She is aware of his thoughts, his commands, his will, etc. And yet she doesn’t know everything about him, so when a question comes up that she doesn’t know his heart on, she goes to him to ask. He has no reason to not tell her his wisdom, and in fact encourages her to ask by giving her his word that he would give it! He certainly won’t be bothered by her asking him.

The question arises. What if she would misrepresent him on something? Out of carelessness? Or because of not knowing his will because of failure to ask? What would be her father’s response? She decided to go to him and ask him what his judgment would be. He met with her in his inner chamber and told her that he could undo any damage, and that he would surely forgive her. He knew she wasn’t perfect. But he also adds, “Regardless of how you represent me, remember I am sovereign. You are my ambassador. Carry my authority, and know me and my heart. You are a part of me, and I will back up the authority I have given you.” She knew she’d never have to worry about making a mistake if she herself walked in submission to her Father, and that even if she suffered for doing right, she would have his approval which was sufficient. But she also knew that if she purposely went away from his will or instruction, then she would suffer under his judgment , so she could be brought back to obedience and submission. This certainly put a determination in her heart to heed his every instruction, ask for his judgments, his timing, and his strategies about everything. It would easy for her to humble herself before her Father because he loved her so and she knew no pain in doing so. It was more scary to humble herself before a people who hated her in the first place. What would that do to her already big problem of them not yet recognizing that she was doing her Father’s will? She asked her dad about this scorn: He said, “Whether they respond to your humility or not, I WILL… and if they do not eventually accept the authority I give you, I myself will step on the scene to make sure all will know you have been representing me all along! I will not allow the suffering to continue forever, for my love for the people is just as great as my love for you. I will bring them to know me and my ways. “

The Father cautioned his daughter to listen to his instruction and meet with him often in his inner chambers so she would know his strategies, his plans, his heart. There she could speak to him for the people too. She knew she was to stand in the gap as his ambassador. And as she did this, His love for the people became her love for the people. She was amazed at how deep her love for them was, regardless of how they treated her when she was with them. That mattered not! What mattered to her was that they be reconciled with her Father, so that he could bring them liberty from the oppression of their enemies.

The thought came to the daughter: “What if I would someday willingly go away from my Father, the King, and choose not to do the hard work for him as instructed?” (She shutters at the possibility.) But then she becomes so aware of all she has as his daughter….the riches….and she knows she will never depart from him. The riches of his love, his presence, his wisdom, his comfort, his provision…yes even his discipline and judgments… are too great for her to ever go away from! He has captured her with his love! Her foundation is solid! She is able to enter His Rest as she realizes he has complete control over her…AND over everyone and everything else! She will take this thought captive if ever it reels its ugly head! SHE IS FREE!

The Daughter has her Father’s word that she will be given HIS GLORY after a time, IF she learns to walk in her Father’s Love and Authority. There will be a COST for her to do this. But, if she listens and obeys and lets his words permeate her very being, she herself will become like her Father. He will be pleased to “see himself’ in her…She is already his flesh and blood, but what she becomes is her gift of love to Him. He desires her perfection and will help her every step of the way!

She is His delight, and He is hers!


Daughters: Remember you were adopted when you accepted Christ into your life, and you are Father God’s daughter now. I hope that you will see yourself as the daughter in this parable and realize “who you are” and “the riches ” you have been given. Let the Father love you to wholeness before trying to do his work. May the Father free you to serve him wholeheartedly and with fullest abandon. This is about becoming free to walk in the authority God your Father will give you to do HIS WILL and Further HIS KINGDOM.

YES, Daughter He NEEDS YOU! And even more importantly, HE LOVES YOU !

Sons: Please let the Father have his way in your sisters too. There is much work to be done. Do the work of the kingdom side-by-side. Do not be jealous or envious or threatened by your Daddy using his daughters. He will want to use YOUR sons and daughters too. Every wife is also the Father’s daughter…remember that. Do not stand in HIS WAY of using that daughter who may just happen to be your wife too. She is God’s precious gift to you, but He owns her, not you. Release her unto her FATHER, the SOVEREIGN KING, then you too will be liberated!

Only as Father can use ANY son or daughter of HIS that HE chooses, will the KINGDOM ADVANCE and HE BE GLORIFIED!

Note: This revelation doesn’t mean not to submit to your authorities. (Don’t let the enemy deceive you.) True freedom comes under our authorities, with God always the highest authority.

That’s why men, do not oppress your wives. She will feel oppressed and suffer greatly if there is a great difference between your authority and what she believes God is telling her. She is commanded to submit to you…so YOU are the one who will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and give account as to whether you hindered her, or encouraged her, to fulfill HER FATHER’s WILL for her life. And remember daughters, your Father will honor your obedience to your husbands, for this is clearly His will for you. If any authority is blatantly wrong in the sight of your Father God, do you not know that HE SEES? He will protect you and, in his time, will bring deliverance. Or he will give grace and strength to submit to the suffering God has allowed by your submissiveness to Him.

As far as authorities as church, pastor, mission, ministry, etc. It is of the utmost importance in these end times that you are careful who you follow. You must first know your God before you can make a right judgment. But a good rule is: Whatever leads to Intimacy With My Lord, GO FOR IT! Intimacy brings joy and peace and rest for your soul, for with it comes the knowledge of both the loving kindness and the severity of your FATHER GOD!

May He Bless You and Give You DEEP REVELATION TRUTH from this parable, as He has given me. And let’s pray for and encourage each other…as we walk as brothers and sisters, loving our Father with all our heart, soul, and mind…so that we CAN have HIS LOVE in US to love our neighbor as our self….that his kingdom may be on earth, and his will be done in us, as it is in heaven.


—Given to me in His inner chamber Beth Thomas 09/30/97

(Now named Beth Ann Smith, and released publicly 06-24-2016)


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