Reward and Recompense

I am re-blogging this article, originally written in 2013, for in the rereading of it today, I realize that I, myself, have been brought into a spacious place by the Lord, since the writing of this article. It makes my heart rejoice in the goodness and faithfulness of God. His Word proves true, my friends. Read this article and be encouraged in your own walk with the Lord. He delights in the well-being of his servants. Amen! ….

The Image of Christ

Reading in my bible today, I noted the passage of Psalm 18:19-24

open field

David praises God in verse 19 that he had been brought into a large, spacious place…(as in an open field, away from the many distresses that had been a part of his life)…and was delivered by God…and He knew it was because God delighted in him.

Then David goes on to declare that the Lord REWARDED him according to his (David’s) righteousness, and according to the cleanness of his hands(David’s), the Lord had recompensed him.  

The meaning of recompense is “to pay or give compensation for”, and reward means “the pay or compensation we do receive” in return for something.

So, how does THE LORD INTERPRET our righteousness and the cleanness of our hands in HIS EYESIGHT?  

We need to answer this question, for He recompenses and rewards His children according…

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