PLUG IN …for it’s IN and THROUGH Christ IN You


A Believer’s Foundation for Power is Love.

PLUG IN to the revelation of Jesus’ love for you. We must work FROM God’s love, not FOR God’s Love.  John, the disciple of Jesus, is an example. He loved Jesus, because Jesus first loved him, and he had realized this.  We, today, are also told in I John 4:19 that “…we love Him, because He first loved us.” This…John’s personal revelation of Jesus’s love FOR him, as a friend closer than a brother, caused John to be the ONLY disciple who was able to go to the cross with Christ. He had the love within him to “involve himself” in that which concerned Jesus. Why was he there? Because he loved Jesus! The bond between them was LOVE, not duty, servitude, or expectation. Christ knew that John’s same love toward him would go outward toward others, and his mother was considered one of those others.  Christ, in fact, in turn, entrusted his own mother to John. John 19:26 says, “When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son, and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.”  Interesting to note, that John is the one who is writing this narrative, so truly he had revelation that he was loved BY JESUS. This is why he LOVED Jesus. In John 13:34 Jesus, in fact, gives the command to all his followers: “…that you love one another, AS I have loved you, that you may also love one another.”  In looking at this verse another time, I realize he could have just said, love one another as I have loved you. But notice, added to this are the words, “that you may”.  The language of empowering. Then I perceived that this is indeed the secret of our “ability” TO Love. This ability to love outwardly comes from an awareness and experience of Jesus’s love for us individually first. He who knows me best, loves me… so I can then risk loving others, no matter what the cost. Do you think John thought of the risks associated with him being at the cross with Jesus? OR… Do you think he thought of Jesus’s need to have his friend’s support during his time of pain and suffering? I believe he saw both, but the latter, his desire to be there FOR Jesus, caused him to die to self-preservation. He wanted to LOVE Jesus back… Not only receive that which he needed FROM Christ. I believe this is the same motivation that will reside in martyrs during these end times. We will stand up WITH Christ! We will become desirous to be in defense of Christ’s honor, and fellowship in His sufferings, for we LOVE Him and believe in all He lived for. We understand that it is His Life which gives us eternal life, so we will not Deny Him.

I think of even small ways we may show our love for Christ. For instance, when I’ve heard a person swearing by using the Lords name in vain. It bothers me, not because I’m judging that person for using bad language. No! …it bothers me because I love Jesus so much!  I hate hearing His Name so dishonored. It’s a love FOR Jesus that activates my righteous indignation. Yet it’s also my love FOR Jesus, and knowing Jesus’ love FOR that person, that keeps me from losing my cool and being unkind to that one who speaks his name in vain ignorantly. Love for Jesus is demonstrated in both reactions…the internal and the external. My love for Jesus may cause me to be silent, or sometimes cause me to kindly say to that person: “Could you refrain from using Jesus’ name that way, for I love Him dearly. He is so worthy of us all giving honor toward His Name.”  When I’ve spoken that lovingly and respectfully to coworkers in the workplace, my coworkers in turn respected my love for the Lord, and did not speak his name in vain…at least in front of me. Love went full circle. They realized I wasn’t judging them, but I was LOVING Jesus.

LOVE is the foundation for all God and Christ did, and continue to do in our lives

Laying his life down and enduring the CROSS was Jesus’s “demonstration” of his love for you and me… and God’s demonstration of love was to give His only son for us all. So too, our love for God and Christ comes from the true revelation of the Cross. Thus making the cross the centrality of Christianity. There is no being a Christian without the cross. The blood spilt by Jesus was necessary to buy us back from the Kingdom of Darkness and place us into the Kingdom of Light…an act of pure love and great grace. Once IN the Kingdom of Light through acceptance of Christ into our lives, we abide there in the intimacy of relationship…the relationship of love, which motivates our lifestyle and responses and focuses in life. We experience LOVE everyday as the Lord answers our prayers, gives us knowledge of Himself, and fills our lives with blessings and goodness.

A Believer’s Knowledge of God and Christ Activates Faith and Power

Jesus REVEALS God’s “good” nature. Col 1:15 states that Jesus is the “image of the invisible God”. He is “the radiance of the God’s glory and the exact expression of His nature”. Hebrews 1:3. Jesus showed us all that God wants to heal us, not afflict us. Jesus’s main ministry of love was to heal people and to deliver people, destroying the works of the enemy in operation. If God has the ability to create us, Jesus revealed He also delights to recreate…or to make us whole. A man BORN blind was healed and his sight restored. Why? To bring glory to God. So why didn’t God just make him with good eyes to start with, we question. And I wonder…Was the demonstration to show us that Jesus can change, and re-create, for he is God too, that which God has already formed? He who was born blind could now see. Hebrews 1:3 says Jesus upholds all things by the word of His power. A storm was allowed by God, the disciples becoming fearful, but Jesus could command and calm the storm. He could change what God did already. Those born a certain way could be reborn? physically and spiritually? People could be made whole if they call on the Name of Jesus? This is the mighty power of our Jesus, a power given to him by His Father, God. Do we realize Christ is not the suffering man on the cross still, but that he is ALIVE, and intercedes at Father’s right hand for you and I, for he has been in bodily form and knows man’s weaknesses and sufferings?… thus bringing change to what God may have already allowed to take place in our lives? We believers have the love and discipline of a Father AND the love and the grace of a brother? And we must not forget the Holy Spirit, the third person of the trinity, and the one who dwells WITHIN the believer. He takes what is of the Father and the Son and gives that TO US. Without HIM there would be no power or ability to be Christians. The Godhead operates in complete ONEness…in agreement…in unity…yet are distinct in their operation. The Son surrenders to God the Father, and we surrender to the Son, and the Father exalts the Son, and the Son exalts us. And the Holy Spirit empowers all this operation and plan, and He is himself God!

We, as believers, must allow the Spirit of Christ, within us, to operate… Then we ARE empowered…and the Kingdom of God comes within and advances outward.  The Holy Spirit is all about the principle of “in and through Christ.”  Believers who focus on their own ability or inability will always fall short of a supernatural lifestyle. It’s not about us… it’s about Him, Christ in and through us, via The Spirit…referred to as the Spirit of God… the Spirit of Christ. We must be baptized in the Spirit… in other words, totally surrendered and immersed in His power, realizing he is a person, and God himself, dwelling within our spirit. He is Spirit, and speaks to our individual spirit, thus making the intimacy of relationship within possible.  We must invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. We ask for Him. We surrender to Him. He takes what is of God and Christ and reveals it unto us in REALTIME. It is not history.. it is in the present. It is a relationship taking place on the inside and walked out on the outside. Yet the Spirit doesn’t speak of himself, he speaks as Christ. Christ is alive in us through His Spirit…the HOLY Spirit. This is how we distinguish him from other spirits. He IS holy. He will speak in alignment with the Word of God. He will never contradict Christ, for he is Christ’s spirit. Why did Jesus have to ascend into heaven before his Spirit could come to man? Because a man’s spirit resides in his body until he has died. Jesus’ spirit resided in him when he walked the earth. Now his spirit can live in us. Jesus had to become fully spirit to then have us, who are IN HIM, to be ONE WITH HIM in spirit. Believers we are spirit, and we worship HIM, our Lord, in spirit and in truth. The reason we lose sight of problems when we are truly worshipping, is that we become as one in spirit with Christ. Our flesh gets out of the way. And God inhabits the praises of his people. It is truly glorious. The Spirit of God takes the word of God and gives it meaning and interpretation. Just as lovers exchanging a love letter; …it’s the man and woman involved who understand the language of their letter…with its nuances and innuendo…not a stranger reading it.  A particular sentence could mean many things, but because one person loves the other person and knows their heart when they say the sentence, they will have the true meaning of what is meant. So too, it is this way with the Spirit interpreting the word of God for Christ’s lovers.


Now, very important, we ourselves must experience relationship with the Godhead, to be used to bless others, do good deeds, heal and deliver, and do the works of the Kingdom.  Jesus must be abided in, and He in us, to be walking the walk and talking the talk.

  • It has nothing to do with my works, it has everything to do with HIS Work through me.
  • If I focus on my ability or inability, nothing will take place. I will fall short, because without Him I can do nothing.
  • I participate with Jesus and he gives me the honor and privilege of working WITH Him.
  • My job is to believe that God is really good at his job! This gives faith. We all have been given a measure of faith.
  • I must PLUG IN. As a branch adheres to a vine…nothing in itself giving it life, or power, or ability to produce fruit. Jesus said, “I am the vine. You are the branches. Whoever lives in me, and I in him, bears much fruit… however apart from me (cut off from vital union with me) you can do nothing.” (I John 15:5) 
  • The Lord showed me personally today that a more modern way to think of this is to think of ourselves, as believers, as a USB plug-in, for most of us know how those work. Like a USB plug-in, we have no power in ourselves, yet put into a power source, it is usb driveable to receive from its source, and transmit that power, or information, to another. Interesting about a USB drive… it can plug into all that’s inside the computer and have full access to it. That vital information can then be copied down into the drive, and then that USB plugged in elsewhere to convey that information. (Perhaps this is what my article is doing for you…taking what I have received, by plugging in, and now conveying it to you! ) I have a fan platform that my usblaptop sits upon. It is run by USB plug alone.  When plugged in, the fan runs…but only if the computer is on, for its my source of the power. If it doesn’t stay plugged in, it will not run, for there is no other power available for that fan to run on.
  • Do I need power myself, or to give to others?… as with the USB plug?
  • Or do I need Wisdom and Revelation for myself, or to give to others?…as the USB drive?
  • Which USB plug should I activate?…and for what purpose?
  • May we realize we have BOTH available to us as believers. We can choose to receive. We can choose to give out.
  • In fact, we even have USB charging stations now, don’t we? Where we can power up more than one of us USBs at a time… Maybe this is what “fellowship” and “church” is all about.

I hope you can see with your mind’s eye what I am trying to share. It is the principle of IN and THROUGH Christ. We must be IN Christ so that he may work through us. That which he activates in us then is able to be activated toward others. Let me just share a quick little writing that I did as I was meditating on this:

  • Jesus’s peace IN me, allows his peace to be given out THROUGH me.
  • Jesus joy IN me, enables his joy to shine out THROUGH me.
  • Jesus’s character IN me, allows his nature to flow out THROUGH me.
  • Jesus’s love IN me, allows his love to work THROUGH me.
  • Jesus’s healing in me, allows his healing to flow through me, that others may be healed.
  • Jesus’s faith activated in me, allows his faith to flow out through me to perform miracles.

In other words I must ALLOW his work IN me….so that He can work outward, through me, toward others.

It starts with me, myself, plugging in. Ideally, I will ABIDE in Him…not unplugging and then plugging in, etc… But remaining in him.

If I unplug to plug in to others, as a USB would do, it is temporary, and then I must be careful to plug back in, so I can receive power or wisdom myself. If we keep plugged in, however, we can keep the power flowing onward.

Now for a final spiritual picture…using technology as an analogy…becoming more like a Bluetooth than a USB! (*this will make little sense unless you’ve read this article up to this point)


I believe this should be the goal of every believer: our reaching maturity in Christ…i.e. we stay linked up and plugged in, all the time!  Let me explain. For those who may or may not know…a Bluetooth is a device that is paired to another device. The two become as one. They access the same controls and do the same things. It’s direct. It’s real time. For example, my cell phone here at the house, is paired to my home phone system via Bluetooth, enabling me to get cell calls throughout the house, from where various phone handsets ARE PLUGGED IN.  So, with a louder ring, I can hear the incoming call and not miss a call, and so that I can grab a handset in various parts of the house too, so that I don’t miss a call. All phones are plugged in and paired up.  Well friends… if we are paired to God and Christ via the Holy Spirit ….at all times abiding…we are become as a Bluetooth device.  Our listening to God and our reaching out to others will be at the same exact time…real time.  We don’t have to wait to act. We don’t have to pray about the will of God for days…we will instantly know His mind and heart on a matter. We will hear His Voice and know his Will right here and now…linking people together in purpose…and in power.  We aren’t plugged in sometimes and unplugged at other times, as with a USB. Modern day has given us this “picture parallel” of Jesus’s prayer of John 17…”that they may be one, just as we are one… I in them, and you in me, that they may be perfected in unity… so that the world may know that you sent me…and loved them even as you have loved me.”  

My dream is to have us all mature, communicating as being linked Bluetooth devices… paired to the Lord.. AND to one another, that indeed WE may be ONE. Never a missed opportunity, never missing the voice of God trying to get in touch with us.  Our intention and aspiration, so that the world will see Christ Jesus in operation, giving us power and wisdom and authority in His Name …and that He would be given the glory due him as such an awesome Lord and Savior!  Christ IN us, the Hope of Glory…the mystery hidden until now!  And that all would see God, as all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present, and as Love… His power holding us all together in his wonderful and amazing purpose and plan: the plan of redemption and grace, and restored fellowship with our Creator!

SO, to summarize in one sentence:

Let is all be alert…and allow Christ to operate IN and THROUGH us!  That Jesus’s own prayer of John 17 may be answered!

It takes us, in cooperation with The Holy Spirit, to make this answer come about, staying PLUGGED IN to Christ! That He can do His Works THROUGH us….


Written by Beth Ann Smith, October 31, 2015 (Colossians 1:25-29)

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Don’t Deny – Magnify!

Don’t Deny – Magnify!  
As these words exploded within me, the Holy Spirit speaking within to my own spirit… I realized that this was a message, not only for me, but for believers in Christ Jesus throughout the earth.

My thoughts went immediately to the fact, that throughout the day, we are each given “opportunities”… one right after the other… to either pull back from confrontation and to silently ignore a prompting of the Holy Spirit to take a stand, or to become passionate about our faith in Christ, and to magnify His holy name in speaking of Him or giving thanks.salvation1164x460

I asked myself, and I now ask you: Which do I do??

Do I deny? Or do I magnify?… Christ, as Lord, and more specifically, My Lord.

Am I taking ownership of Christ, as He has of me?

Do I lift Him up to others, as He has lifted me up?

Am I full of contentment and thanks? or am I magnifying (enlarging by speaking of) the works of the Devil in my life and in the world.

What comes out of my mouth, and attitudes, and deeds?… Magnifying of Christ?

If you are a believer, those around you should not be made to “wonder” if you might be a believer in Christ, or just a good person!  And God forbid, should they perhaps think you are an unbeliever, when you’ve come to Christ. They should Know the One you are committed to… They should, beyond the shadow of a doubt, realize that you are HIS devoted, thankful, and committed follower.

There is to be a distinction between those who are Christ’s and those who are not. That distinction is our magnifying Jesus in our daily walk. And God himself will also make a distinction in these last days between those who are his and those who aren’t. I share a scripture at the end that says so!

I’ll make this short, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and in regard to your own individual circumstances, about this simple instruction: Don’t Deny … Magnify!

May You be given every grace to take your own individual stand FOR CHRIST in an AntiChrist World. You won’t regret it.

Don’t Deny – Magnify!

I scanned two scripture passages from my own bible, for I believe the WORD will encourage you to put these words I heard into practice, for you’ll see a great result mentioned in Psalm 34, verse 5: “They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces will never be ashamed.”


An awesome passage in Malachi 3:15-18 speaks of what God plans to do for those who fear Him and esteem His Name in these last days. Hang onto God’s promise to the obedient and faithful. Take a look:



Romans 1:16  “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes…”

Jesus says, “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”  “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 10:32-33

So, to close… If you are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ… and want others to believe… and if you want Jesus to confess you before the Father…and not to deny you..


Written by Beth Ann Smith, March 2, 2015


Onward Christian Soldiers!

A Soldier of the Cross – Posture of Surrender to His Commander – Jesus Christ, The Captain of the Hosts! Persevering Resistance of the Devil and Sin and Wickedness of Men – Standing Ground, Enduring Hardness, and Overcoming through the Power of the Cross. Bringing Light into Darkness and Life into Death and Love into Hate and Fragrance into Stench… Weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the pulling down of Strongholds. Confident of victory which is found IN CHRIST…and assured that even if battles are lost along the way, the war HAS BEEN WON. Stand your Ground…in this DAY… that Jesus is the ONLY WAY! Undo damage and take back ground…release captives that sin and lies have bound. Walk in Christ’s authority, and claim Your Land as a victory.















A Christian’s commitment to his Cause and Commander should be as real and complete as for any earthly soldier. And we, the Church, are being called to High Alert!

And no other title for this article comes to my mind than the song title: Onward Christian Soldiers!

II Tim 2:3,4 instructs believers to Endure hardship as a good Soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life – that he may Please Him as a Soldier.

I pondered for a moment at this, and reality is, a soldier,

  • does what he is told,
  • where he is told to do it…
  • how he is told to do it,
  • promptly,
  • obediently,
  • no matter the outcome of those orders!
  • it usually will include endurance
  • and hardship
  • and dying to self
  • as his will is placed under the will and authority of another.

The Warfare: Truth and Light are under constant attack of Deception and Darkness. The battleground? The Human Heart.  

WHO will “own”  MY own mind and MY own heart?


And who can I myself encourage and love-on and bless, in a way as to “lift them up” and cause them to “see” the truth and light and LIFE that are in Jesus Christ, the Lord?

Am I ready to openly declare my allegiance to the Cross, and honor the Lordship of Christ the King?

Am I ready to put on the full armor of God to stand against Satan’s schemes?

Am I ready to submit to God and resist the Devil that he might flee?

Am I ready to get down on my knees and battle in intercessory prayer for the souls of loved ones that they might return unto God?

Am I ready to obey God’s will over my own?

Am I prepared to obey promptly and completely? Not just when I want to obey? or partially?

Am I aware that Pursuing Jesus with a passion destroys demonic influence over my own life? …that by my going to Christ, about the enemies I deal with, seen and unseen… that I can be as David who said “I pursued my enemies and overtook them! I did not turn back until they were destroyed!”

Am I willing to confront sin in the camp? (See previous article) Am I bold enough to take a stand against wickedness in high places?

Believers, we are told in I Timothy 6:12 to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH!

Hold the line! Do not retreat! Do not turn back or around (unless you need to come back to His Standard). Stand WITH HIM – Christ, our Banner… Christ, our Standard. Look unto Him, the author and finisher of your faith. Do not give up mid way!

ONWARD, Christian Soldier!! You can make it! Victory is promised His Church! Matthew 16:18 says that the gates of hell will NOT PREVAIL AGAINST us!

Also, specifically, remember I Corinthians 9:7, which implies: “Who ever goes to war at his own expense?”  In other words, if you are asked or commanded by the Captain of the Hosts, Jesus Christ, to do something in His Name, be expecting God to “foot the bill”.  Your faith will take the first step, maybe without all the supply in hand, but rest assured, if you are obeying the leading of the Lord, God will provide all the means for your assignment(s), as you trust in Him.  Do not step out in presumption, but when your faith is activated by clearly hearing the Word of the Lord, then GO FORTH with confidence.

Somewhere along the way, after the revival fires of ten years or so ago, some wounding of soldiers has taken place, and some have become weary in well-doing…but what is the promise and exhortation to all of us? “Be ye NOT WEARY IN WELL DOING for you WILL REAP A HARVEST, if you faint not!” Galations 6:9

DO NOT FAINT, DEAR ONES! (I am actually being spoken to… as I am speaking this to you!) Drink from the fountain flowing deep and wide within you. Ask the Holy Spirit to revive you from within! The next “revival” of The Saints will not come from outside of yourself…so you need not run here and there for revival fires… Simply draw near to God and into His Word and allow the Spirit’s fire within to set you ablaze. Ask Christ to baptize you afresh with the Spirit and with Fire!

So I am writing this article, more-than-likely reminding you of things you already knowto exhort you to pick yourself up, get yourself strengthened in the Word, purposely draw into the presence of Christ within you and seek Him and his will for you in this hour. What assignment he has for you might look totally different than it did years ago! You may be wearing a whole new mantle! You may be assigned to an entire different part of the world. You might dwell with a totally different set of circumstances.  The important thing is that you and I come to High Alert, for God is faithful to do it! He fulfills His Purpose in the lives of his willing servants. You and I simply position ourselves for His orders! We come into an attitude of expectation, submission, responsiveness, etc. We build ourselves up in our trust by remembering what “was before”  and that He leads us from glory to glory!

I get an inward picture that many saints are as wounded animals retreating into our dens – afraid, hurting, angry or indifferent, without hope or direction, disappointed, etc. Our lamps under a bushel, rather than our lights set upon a hill. We’ve been oppressed and beaten down by spiritual attacks, ambushes of the enemy, sin allowed without repentance, and simply falling asleep..almost comatose. Perhaps described as in Ezekiel, as an army of dried bones, dead to all intents and purposes.

My Prayer: So, I ask you Lord, as our Captain of the Hosts, to take us all – your kids, your army – out of our pits or fox holes – and set us into our places – anointing us with love and power and patience, where we might be to the world, as a mighty army, rolling across the land, as lights that shine among men – … that their captors, the evil hordes of hell itself, would “release them” – as light exposes the darkness, and awakening to their true spiritual condition happens. Oh, may we glorify You, Lord, and not our selves – and may the Kingdom of God advance at a pace and to a dimension as never before been experienced in the history of mankind.  I ask for the awareness to come to each one who has come to Christ as Lord, that “Greater is He who is in us, than he that is in the world!” 

May all the trials that caused us to die to self, to our own aspirations, learned love as a strength, and caused us to exercise “patience and endurance” now have their perfect work, that we may be perfect and entire…molded now for our Commander in Chief to instruct and command at will. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO GIVES VICTORY and WE RIDE WITH YOU!

finish strong

I John 4:4

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Psalm 60:11,12

“Give us help from trouble, for the help of man is useless. Through God WE will do valiantly…for IT IS HE who shall tread down Our Enemies.”

DRAW CLOSE TO FATHER GOD,  HONOR CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND KING…heed the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT who lives within you, and YOU WILL EXPERIENCE VICTORY! It’s a promise! AMEN!

You are a part of the Lord’s army! You are not alone! When he activates you and I, we,  His Saints will indeed be A MIGHTY ARMY that OBEYS HIS COMMAND.

Joel 2:11 “The LORD thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number, and mighty is the army that obeys his command…”

John 15:12-16 reveals these thoughts: “This IS My Commandment: that you “love one another as I have loved you.” and that you will “go and bear fruit” and that your “fruit will remain.”  v.16. Remember, HE CHOSE YOU and APPOINTED YOU!

Wow.. Just RE-ACQUAINT YOURSELF WITH THE WORDS OF THIS GREAT OLD HYMN! No wonder it came to my mind as the title for this blog entry–the words are awesome and inspiring!  Read them – Better yet, Sing them! Build yourself up Christian Soldier! Onward We Go!


PS   IF you have read this far, I want you to know that I also created a sing-along song about the Army of the Lord too, that’s fun for kids and families to sing together (just repeat after me!) and Enjoy!  Here it is…just press the play button:

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