God honors ME?

I’m reading the words spoken by Jesus Christ himself in John 12:26: “If any man serve me, let him follow me…and where I am, there shall my servant be: if any man serve me, him will My Father honor.

And I am in awe! Imagine the opportunity that lies before You and I! … that the God who created the universe, and that holds all things together, and that rules and reigns over all the affairs of men and nations, would honor us? Seriously, as an individual! God would honor you!

Don’t we all desire to be honored?

Not sure?

Okay, let’s talk about what honor means, at its definition: to honor means:  to esteem, respect, admire, defer to, look to, appreciate, value, cherish, adore; reverence, revere, venerate, put on a pedestal. To honor means to respect and revere someone worthy of admiration!

Oh wow…Christ is telling each of us, that if we serve and follow him, God the Father will honor you and I in return! Seems like a great goal to desire! Hey? 😀👍

From reading these words of Jesus, I was reminded of another passage wherein the Lord God himself spoke to the Israelites these words found in I Samuel 2:30b: … but now the Lord saith, “Be it far from me…for them that honor me, I will honor…and they that despise me, I shall lightly esteem.”

Clearly He is saying he will honor and esteem us…you and I…if we will honor and esteem Him! Well, wow…HE is worthy of honor, and worthy of esteem….but what of us? Hmmm…not so sure about that…But yet it says, if You and I will honor him, we will be honored. Way cool!

So then I was led a step further in this discovery to Psalm 91:15 which gives A Promise to us of just what that “honor” toward you and I looks like: “He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of response to our calling upon God? I sure would want him to answer me, to be with me, deliver me, and honor me!

I am hearing the Spirit of the Lord say, “So many desire me to honor them by answering their every cry, but they are not honoring my Son by believing in Him and following after Him, nor are they honoring me, their Creator, by respectfully obeying My Word or loving me with all their heart. I will honor those who honor me, yet lightly esteem you and your call-outs for help when I receive no honor from you.”

A strong blessing…being honored BY THE FATHER…awaits you and I if we will but grab hold of the amazement and the opportunity that lies before us! I want this promised honor! 😀 How about you?!  Let’s follow hard after Jesus Christ, honoring him, for then the Father will honor us. He will RESPOND WITH ESTEEM TOWARD US! This means happily and quickly our answers and solutions will happen as we call upon the Lord!

Will you “quickly respond” to Jesus, and follow where he is? Will you serve him with all your heart?

Seems to me, he is saying, if we will, then the Father will quickly respond to us. I love that reassurance!

Give this some pondering in the days ahead, okay?

Question seriously where you, yourself, are NOT “honoring” God : Could it be in your focus? In your time with Him, or in service to Him? In your words? In your relationships? With your money? Are you believing what you read in His Word, or do you walk in unbelief? Perhaps there is an area you need to work on in your honoring of him. The Holy  Spirit will reveal to you, that which pleases God and that which displeases him. I encourage you to be listening, and even writing down things He reveals that honor or dishonor him.

Let us set ourselves up to be honored!

To think, our destiny is actually put in our hands! We can, by our honoring the Son and the Father, determine how God will respond to us!

Will we believe this ?

That God will Honor Us?




Written by Beth Ann Smith, August 5, 2017

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Like Father, Like Son

“Therefore, be Imitators of God, as Dear Children.” Ephesians 5:1

I was pondering the above passage today, in light of receiving recent pictures from my son, Brian, who is now in his 30s, with he and his two boys fishing. fishing 2 

Something he, himself, loved to do with his own father growing up, which is revealed at the end… 


He began sharing his passion for fishing with both his children at a very young age, practically before they could walk. 

Here is Brian with his oldest son, Owen, when he was young.  The same son pictured in the first picture above.


Doesn’t God do the same with us?

The moment we can begin “to understand?” after our New Birth we ARE in a relationship of Father and Son.

He begins to share his heart and passions for us and with us?

As dear children, to imitate means: 1. To use or follow as a model. 2.  To copy the actions, appearance, mannerisms, or speech …

As they grew, I had to smile, for my son’s little guys looked just as he did as he fished with his dad…. “full of wonder”…


“being taken out of their comfort zone to learn how to handle the hook (scarey)”…

fishing 5

or to “handle a fish wiggling in their hands” (oh yuk)…

fishing 4


how to “face their fears of bringing in the fishes” (oh my)

fishing 7

or to “be still and know” that eventually a fish would bite.  (takes patience you know).  

But my little grandsons did it.  Why? Because their “daddy taught them how” and ” he loved fishing” and his “passion was being shared” with them.

He knew the not-so-pleasant part of fishing, would lead into the good part: the catching of fish!  The joy… the excitement… the wonder… of bringing them in!  (think spiritually of these past few paragraphs now, if you haven’t already…)

“Oh, one is biting! Should we reel the fish in, Daddy?”fishing 6

“Not yet, son, he has to have his hook set in deeper, before we can pull that one in… soon that fish will be ready for drawn in. He’ll struggle somewhat first..this will actually hook him sounder, when he realizes its really of no use. That your passion to hook him is greater than his to pull your string or struggle to get away.”


Yes….indeed… let’s look at that simple phrase again:  “Therefore be imitators Of God as dear children.”

fishing 2

Let’s realize the relationship of a child to their father.  We, are God’s, children.  Deeply loved, for ourselves, just as my son loves his sons. But he is showing them HIS WAYS, so they can choose to imitate him or not.

It is said that imitation is the highest, most sincerest form of flattery, so indeed good fathers rejoice that their children learn from them, and follow in their mannerisms, their interests, their principals, etc.

Do you want to make God happy? Most of us would say, YES!!! Of Course!

He is your Father.  So….

Make Him happy, by imitating him!

It makes us Dear, to him! (smile)

fishing 1 (2)

I know this is a simple devotional, but sometimes simple is best. (smile)

Imitate your DADDY, GOD, and give him GREAT JOY!

And He will impart things to you, you never dreamed… just by “watching Him”…observing “His Ways”…seeing how He treats people with love… etc.

The best way to know, how to imitate him, is to KNOW HIM.fishing 3

Know His Words. Listen to His Voice speak to your heart. Spend time quietly with him… as these boys are doing alongside their daddy.

He is continually instructing, and showing you, HOW to do things, if you’ll only pay attention. (smile)

May we ALL be imitators of our wonderful heavenly FATHER!

He is WORTHY of our imitation!

(just wouldn’t be complete wifishing-fishing-2-1thout showing you “the father” above, as “the son“,

for they are ONE.brianfishing-1-1

hmm… does that statement I just made remind you of someone, named Jesus?

…imitating His Father and he is himself God?