In His Name or Mine? My Agenda or His?

Interestingly, this is what Jesus said to me personally: “If I ask you to do something and then you do it, then it’s in My Name. If I don’t ask you to do something, and you do it, then it’s in your name.” Such a simple truth brings me great clarity..So I thought I’d share it with you all. For me, it will cause me to ponder before taking an action, for I desire to do those things which hold eternal value, i.e. are done in Jesus’ name. Now I hope to be able to discern the difference between obedience to his leading and religious activity done to gain his approval, but that’s actually done in my own name.

In light of this, I recollect years ago the Lord told me also, “Ask not, is your agenda mine….Ask, Is My Agenda yours?”  Simple, yet profound too. He desires to be changing the paradigm of His Children. Not just mine. Are we looking at the future in light of what God would like to accomplish through us For HIMSELF? Are we listening to hear his mandate? Are we obeying his instruction? …Or have we been short sighted and focused on what We could accomplish FOR God?  Is focus of our Christian walk on ourselves? Or is it on Him? What happened to being his ambassador…representing him? He desires obedience, not sacrifice.

What prompts your own actions? Is He leading? Are you following? …or have you been super frustrated trying to lead Him? Or desiring Him to act on “your behalf”, instead of the other way around?

To do some thing in His Name, means “On His Behalf”… authorized to represent Him and His Interest in a matter. Here is a little object lesson graphic I just created to reveal the difference between acting on our own versus being sent to act on the Lord’s behalf. It is a fictitious authorization letter I just penned, to get across the idea.. of being authorized by Him to do His Will…to act in His Name:

This is short and sweet, but please ponder these two revelations…

May God accomplish all His Will in His Children…in Jesus Name.



In Jesus Name

in my name

Recently, in my quiet time, I wrote down this instruction of the Holy Spirit to myself. Because it has indeed impacted me, personally, I desire to share it with you now, in Jesus Name.  I believe it will help you in your own understanding.

————— The Word of the Lord to Me, Elizabeth ————————————

What you do in my name must be from me, or it’s in your name!

Let me explain —

If I asked you to do something – then you do it – then it’s in MY name.

If I don’t ask you to do something – and you do it – then, it’s in YOUR name.

This is NOT the SAME!

Most of my kids are not doing what I asknot OBEYING …they are doing what they want to do for me – but not in my name

And what I see and what I breathe on – is done – in MY name… in obedience to something I have asked of you!


As I received this word from the Holy Spirit recently, I personally envisioned and related this instruction to my being an Executive Assistant for many years…wherein, in my position, I would contact people or arrange events in the President’s or Vice President’s name of the company I worked for.

I had no authority to accomplish anything in my own name, but when I did something my boss asked of me, and name-dropped his name as the name it was being done in, then things got done!

Let me give you an fictitious example:

My boss, Kurt Christianson, the President of American Health and Safety, says to me, “Contact President Ken Andrews, of First Aid Solutions, and tell him I’d like a meeting Thursday afternoon. Request him to bring any of his staff he would desire to, for I’d like to discuss enclosure of their new bandaging product line in our new fall catalog.”

Well, if I, as his assistant, would then call that company and ask to speak to the President, I’d get someone saying: “May I ask who is calling?” and if I said my name I would get the response, “Sorry, he cannot be disturbed. May I please take a message.”  (i.e. I’d get no where, using my own name and authority! Nothing would be graced, met with favor, or accomplished of any value!)  BUT, if I would, as his assistant, call that company and say “I am calling in behalf of President Kurt Christianson of American Health and Safety who needs me to speak directly to the President Ken Andrews with an important message about enclosure of your bandaging product in our upcoming catalog” then I would get right through, and announced to the President there as “President Kurt Christianson of American Health and Safety is calling.” I would then be given full authority IN HIS NAME to give the message I was to give out.


It is the same, brothers and sisters, when we are walking in Christ’s authority.  When He asks of us to do something, and we obey, we have HIS NAME granting the AUTHORITY to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN that He wants to make happen!  We abide in Him, the vine, to bear any fruit, for he does it! Without him we can do nothing. We are not to ask if our agenda is his, but rather is His agenda ours. Are we listening to him giving us instruction? or are we going about doing our own thing, powerless, and wondering why so?

So anyway, a short sweet conversation and lesson, but if followed will keep you from needless and draining religious activity, for his yoke is easy and burden is light.  I encourage you, rather, to be “listening” and “obeying”, and then your joy will become full as He lives out his life and plan through you.

And when He does ask something of you, and you are clear on it, you can proceed with great confidence that, that which you do IN HIS NAME will indeed be met with His authority. He sees it and will breathe on it.  And you will accomplish the task He has given you to do in His name as He empowers you to do so.  There is Power available in doing what He asks of you… and this is doing it in Jesus Name.