How to Listen and Speak

I was given these keys to effectively communicate directly from the Lord. At the time, I was believing God was telling me how to communicate with a future husband during our dating process, yet now I realize that this instruction can apply to anyone who desires to communicate in a way pleasing to the Lord: Husband/Wife, Parent/Child, Employer/Employee, Friend/Friend, etc. AND so, I want to share these keys with you. I didn’t make this list up…though it is original.  I heard these words spoken to me within my spirit, from the Holy Spirit, and I simply wrote them down as a scribe.




LISTEN – In Christ’s LOVE for THAT PERSON , and aware of His Love for YOU

LISTEN – without speaking until the Lord says speak, or type (if communicating via texts or emails)

SPEAK – when you are not REACTING

SPEAK – kindly and gently

SPEAK – as the Spirit of God gives you the reply of the tongue or pen

SPEAK – edification, comfort, faith…NOT attack or judgment 

SPEAK – faith not fear

SPEAK – the language of hope