In His Name or Mine? My Agenda or His?

Interestingly, this is what Jesus said to me personally: “If I ask you to do something and then you do it, then it’s in My Name. If I don’t ask you to do something, and you do it, then it’s in your name.” Such a simple truth brings me great clarity..So I thought I’d share it with you all. For me, it will cause me to ponder before taking an action, for I desire to do those things which hold eternal value, i.e. are done in Jesus’ name. Now I hope to be able to discern the difference between obedience to his leading and religious activity done to gain his approval, but that’s actually done in my own name.

In light of this, I recollect years ago the Lord told me also, “Ask not, is your agenda mine….Ask, Is My Agenda yours?”  Simple, yet profound too. He desires to be changing the paradigm of His Children. Not just mine. Are we looking at the future in light of what God would like to accomplish through us For HIMSELF? Are we listening to hear his mandate? Are we obeying his instruction? …Or have we been short sighted and focused on what We could accomplish FOR God?  Is focus of our Christian walk on ourselves? Or is it on Him? What happened to being his ambassador…representing him? He desires obedience, not sacrifice.

What prompts your own actions? Is He leading? Are you following? …or have you been super frustrated trying to lead Him? Or desiring Him to act on “your behalf”, instead of the other way around?

To do some thing in His Name, means “On His Behalf”… authorized to represent Him and His Interest in a matter. Here is a little object lesson graphic I just created to reveal the difference between acting on our own versus being sent to act on the Lord’s behalf. It is a fictitious authorization letter I just penned, to get across the idea.. of being authorized by Him to do His Will…to act in His Name:

This is short and sweet, but please ponder these two revelations…

May God accomplish all His Will in His Children…in Jesus Name.



Let Christ Change Your Perspective

I want to share a “fun thing” the Lord showed me tonight. It has everything to do with us being willing to change our perspective, or being open to having the Lord change our perspective. For He WILL. (smile)
Tonight such a change in perspective happened “in the natural” to reveal to me, and now to you, a spiritual application:
Being rather restless in bed tonight, I happened to glance at my clock and it happened to be EXACTLY 12:12. Interesting, I pondered, as I shifted my position. Yet, as I was adjusting my position, I caught the clock out of the corner of my eye, upside down as it were, and it read 21:21.
It was viewed at the SAME TIME from the SAME CLOCK and yet it read DIFFERENTLY.
Now…let’s SEE it, this way:
Perhaps you see a circumstance in your life “a certain way” – maybe your vision is “small” like the 12:12. But let’s suppose you shifted your “position” and took a look at it from a different “perspective”the one the LORD can give you suddenly
do you see how things might  be enhanced by allowing Him to change your “perspective”? How God could change your capacities, or your proportions, or your scope, or your dimension? God sees things differently than we do! And He can show us people or circumstance or finance “the way HE views it“.

I am encouraged, myself, to seek the Lord for His Viewpoint.

How about you? (smile)

Let us get into the Word of God and see how HE, The LORD, would have us VIEW things… He really IS ABLE, to change things!  So LOOK !