God honors ME?

I’m reading the words spoken by Jesus Christ himself in John 12:26: “If any man serve me, let him follow me…and where I am, there shall my servant be: if any man serve me, him will My Father honor.

And I am in awe! Imagine the opportunity that lies before You and I! … that the God who created the universe, and that holds all things together, and that rules and reigns over all the affairs of men and nations, would honor us? Seriously, as an individual! God would honor you!

Don’t we all desire to be honored?

Not sure?

Okay, let’s talk about what honor means, at its definition: to honor means:  to esteem, respect, admire, defer to, look to, appreciate, value, cherish, adore; reverence, revere, venerate, put on a pedestal. To honor means to respect and revere someone worthy of admiration!

Oh wow…Christ is telling each of us, that if we serve and follow him, God the Father will honor you and I in return! Seems like a great goal to desire! Hey? 😀👍

From reading these words of Jesus, I was reminded of another passage wherein the Lord God himself spoke to the Israelites these words found in I Samuel 2:30b: … but now the Lord saith, “Be it far from me…for them that honor me, I will honor…and they that despise me, I shall lightly esteem.”

Clearly He is saying he will honor and esteem us…you and I…if we will honor and esteem Him! Well, wow…HE is worthy of honor, and worthy of esteem….but what of us? Hmmm…not so sure about that…But yet it says, if You and I will honor him, we will be honored. Way cool!

So then I was led a step further in this discovery to Psalm 91:15 which gives A Promise to us of just what that “honor” toward you and I looks like: “He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of response to our calling upon God? I sure would want him to answer me, to be with me, deliver me, and honor me!

I am hearing the Spirit of the Lord say, “So many desire me to honor them by answering their every cry, but they are not honoring my Son by believing in Him and following after Him, nor are they honoring me, their Creator, by respectfully obeying My Word or loving me with all their heart. I will honor those who honor me, yet lightly esteem you and your call-outs for help when I receive no honor from you.”

A strong blessing…being honored BY THE FATHER…awaits you and I if we will but grab hold of the amazement and the opportunity that lies before us! I want this promised honor! 😀 How about you?!  Let’s follow hard after Jesus Christ, honoring him, for then the Father will honor us. He will RESPOND WITH ESTEEM TOWARD US! This means happily and quickly our answers and solutions will happen as we call upon the Lord!

Will you “quickly respond” to Jesus, and follow where he is? Will you serve him with all your heart?

Seems to me, he is saying, if we will, then the Father will quickly respond to us. I love that reassurance!

Give this some pondering in the days ahead, okay?

Question seriously where you, yourself, are NOT “honoring” God : Could it be in your focus? In your time with Him, or in service to Him? In your words? In your relationships? With your money? Are you believing what you read in His Word, or do you walk in unbelief? Perhaps there is an area you need to work on in your honoring of him. The Holy  Spirit will reveal to you, that which pleases God and that which displeases him. I encourage you to be listening, and even writing down things He reveals that honor or dishonor him.

Let us set ourselves up to be honored!

To think, our destiny is actually put in our hands! We can, by our honoring the Son and the Father, determine how God will respond to us!

Will we believe this ?

That God will Honor Us?




Written by Beth Ann Smith, August 5, 2017

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Decisions Decisions


Life is full of decisions. One makes them every day, and much more often
than you may think. Actually you make a decision with every thought. You
decide to think on this and not to think on that, to entertain this thought
and to dismiss that thought. We are not aware of this choosing because most
thoughts have been dealt with before, and unless we change a decision we
automatically accept or reject the same thoughts as we did in the past.

There is a time in which the Word describes as “hardening our hearts”, a
time where a particular thought has been rejected enough times that you no
longer hear the thought when it is presented to you. This can be good in
the form of protection, or bad in that it can cause one to live in darkness.
Both results are the result of a decision that each person makes in his
life. Jesus was aware of this trait of man for He repeatedly said, “Let
him, who has ears to hear, hear.”

Paul talks about us becoming “transformed by the renewing of our mind by the
Word of God.” This means that we will change our way of thinking to
correspond to the truth revealed by the Word, and that many decisions we have
made in the past will have to be reviewed in light of these revelations. It
is amazing to the new believer how the Scriptures open up as his mind is
being renewed in the Word. The decisions that we made in the past, when
reviewed and changed, open one’s mind to see where he was limited and blinded
before. At first there is so much that we are willing to change, and in
changing we are enabled to see so much that we could not see before. Therefore,
we are full of joy.

As we grow, we come across decisions that we made that we are less
willing to change, because they are a part of our thinking and desires that we want to keep.
We will try to salvage these thoughts by trying to work the Word around
them. We will find others that agree with our desired creed of salvage and
justify our actions. Yet if we truly desire the Lord and His Will in our
lives we will eventually have to set these thoughts aside and replace them
with the Word.

It is only when we identify ourselves with Him that we can truly enter into
an intimate relationship with God. “If my Word abides in you, I and My
Father will come and indwell you.” Is not so much a promise to be obtained
but a living reality of the Word that abides in you. The greater amount of
Word within, the greater awareness of His and the Father’s presence within.
The greater awareness of His presence, the more intimate relationship you are
able to enjoy. There is place of intimacy of knowing His spiritual presence,
that one can forget to stay in the Word of God, but not for long… for with
Him comes a hunger for the Word.

Elizabeth Norland shares this article 2-8-13, written by deceased spouse, David L. Stephens, on 1-28-04.

Christian American versus American Christian

Today seems a very appropriate time – ELECTION DAY – to share with you an article that my deceased husband wrote two years prior to his death. Yet, may his words LIVE ON, to give someone wisdom today and in the days ahead. I have cut/paste it in its entirety with no editing on my part.  

Christian American


American Christian     

David L. Stephens     Jan. 2007

I watched a U.S. senator, who had announced his Christianity and then addressing the Senate used the Bible to promote the acceptance of “Gays” in society.  I found it interesting to note, even though he acknowledged there are two sections of the Bible, one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament which condemn homosexuality, he concluded that Jesus had never mentioned the subject and His teaching on love overruled any condemnation.  I wondered, can a man think that his morality is higher than that of God’s?  Jesus preached love, yet He did not endorse sin of any kind, only forgiveness of sin for those that would repent.  He died so that our sins could be forgiven and that we might overcome the life of sin that controlled us.  He gave us the power to choose life and “sin no more”.   Homosexuality is still a sin and the penalty has not been rescinded.

The Blood of Jesus was not a means of licensing a lifestyle of sin free from penalty.

The church has no authority to rewrite the Scriptures and endorse homosexuality as an accepted life style.  It does clearly state that homosexuality is the result of a carnal mind and that a carnal mind cannot know God.  Yet in some denominations, ministers, who can not know God, have risen to the rank of bishop.  Why would Christians submit to a person with a reprobate mind, and one that is an abomination in God’s sight, as a minister of the Lord?  It is only where the Word of God is not accepted as authority, and therefore where Jesus, The Word, is not accepted as the Head of the Church.  If they are not a follower of Christ’s teachings, then they are not true Christians.

We had a former President that went to his pastor, a PHD’d minister within a Baptist denomination, that instructed him concerning abortion.  He said it was all right that the child could be killed in the womb, as it was not life until it was birthed.  Armed with this revelation, the President was now freed from the responsibility of protecting the unborn American child.  God recognized the personage of the unborn child, and called them by name in the womb.  The unborn child, John the Baptist, recognized the presence of the child, Jesus, in the womb of Mary.  If God recognizes the unborn as life, and declares it so, then any one who speaks to the contrary, must be supernaturally ignorant.  Christianity does not endorse abortion or any other form of murder.  Murder is sin and Satan is its author. There is not a Christian ministry or minister of Christianity apart from the Word of God.

We took the God and His Word out of the schools.  Apart from the Word there is no knowledge other than that discovered by man.  Science does not acknowledge God or morality.  We effectively removed the lessons of discerning of Good from Evil.  We have removed the knowledge of sin from society with the removal of the God’s Word.  With the acceptance of Gay Rights we have unleashed the destruction of the family and the doctrine of marriage.  Every time we compromise Biblical Standards we unleash evil destruction in our midst.  When we accepted the idea of banning Religious men’s influence in the government as the interpretation of “the government’s non interference with religious institutions” we allowed ourselves to be gagged and bound legally.  Now that our legal system has cast out God’s Law, in its place can only be godless law.   The law of the land is now murder for life, gay rights in place of morality, foolishness for wisdom, and fools replacing righteous judges.  Instead of peace and wisdom in the government, we have strife, and where there is strife there is every evil work.  We have a divided senate and a divided house, not “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”  How long can a divided nation stand?

We sing God Bless America and then we fail to honor Him with our lifestyles.  We point the finger at the ungodly in office as the fault, but we accepted their promises and supported their party instead of promoting the Word.   We pray in faith but fail to act in faith.  We have forgotten that faith without works is dead, and our nation is dying spiritually.  We have endorsed freedom of religion in the place of going out and preaching the Gospel to all men.  There is no freedom of any kind apart from the Word of God, only the bondage of evil.  We stand at the threshold of decision, the choice of having a Christian America or America without Christ.  There is no compromise between the Powers of Light and darkness.  To compromise is to separate oneself from God by choice.  If you put America before Christ, then you have made America an abomination without Christ.  “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in America as in Heaven.” is the prayer that needs to be sent towards Heaven.

When the Kingdom is sought first, then all the blessing will be added unto America.      


Your Christian Walk Likened to a Commuter Train

This YouTube presentation, which I created as it was given me from the Lord, will give you a change of perspective in how to look at your own christian walk. It is likened to a commuter train in so many respects. I admit the presentation is not “exciting” (for it was my first attempt at a youtube), yet I still encourage you to view it in its entirety, for each page is full of revelation that could only be given in “modern day”and “for such a time as this”.  Indeed, the change of perspective it will bring, will give YOU strength in the days ahead in your own Christian walk. Of this, I am confident.

Now, May God grant YOU His Encouragement as You View This:

If this presentation has ministered truth to your own heart, then I ask that you will help me share its message by forwarding this post on to others via email, or embedding the presentation itself into your own facebook page or blog.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Norland, Handmaiden Music